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Monday, October 30, 2006
EXTRAS ends, TORCHWOOD begins & I'm 33.
Sad & Happy times on TV. Firstly let's looked at what ended.

EXTRAS finished with some excellent perfomances from Ian McKellen & Robert Lindsay. Much amusement and cringes, especially with the latter. There was also the 'shock' appearance of Robert DeNiro. It wasn't really as it had been hyped that there would be a 'very special guest' for the last one and his name was mentioned a couple of episodes back. All in all an excellent second season but I hope it's the last we see of Andy Millman.

These guys are normally sh*t, but not here.

THAT MITCHELL & WEBB LOOK also ended (on the same flippin' night! what are the beeb trying to do???). Some great stuff in it but didn't end as strong as it started. I will miss it though. RUSSELL BRAND'S GOT ISSUES came to an end and it started a lot better than it began with two decent shows featuring Alan Cumming and the lovely Jessica Stevenson . It's coming to C4 soon and I hope for his sake that they start it like they ended it. His radio show on 6MUSIC is amazing and obviously I'm not the only one who thinks so, click HERE to see how that station's listenership (is that a word? it is now) has been transformed. THE APPRENTICE also came to end (four episodes in one week!) with the forgettable Kendra winning. She was pish, but they all were. the show, however, was most enjoyable.

These guys are never sh*t, especially not here.

OK, so what's new on the toob? Replacing the Thursday night 'pedigree' comedy on BBC2 we have THE CATHERINE TATE SHOW, Jack Dee's new show, LEAD BALLOON and the new season of NEVER MIND THE BUZZCOCKS with new host, Simon Amstell. He's pretty good, much more offensive than I gave him credit for. Pity he ain't funny. Pity the show ain't funny, lazy & derivative. The same can be said for the second show there, some laughs but not many. I'll give it a chance though. On top form, however, was Catherine Tate. I am not really a big fan but am becoming more so, especially on the evidence of the first episode. New characters, like the Northern irish mother of a 'gay man' (which had me really laughing, I mean really laughing) and the office woman who claims she can do anything from playing tennis to translating seven different languages, had me pausing the tape. As usual there are some lows but teenager Lauren returned working in a fast food joint, with hilarious consequences. Well done Tate-o, I am looking forward to more and even more so to the Doctor Who christmas special. Eek! Not long now!

She is sometimes sh*t.

Friday nights are hotting up with the welcomed return of HAVE I GOT NEWS FOR YOU (with a truly terrible turn by Gordon Ramsay) and QI. It just gets better and better. it's not big but it is clever. BORAT made an excellent appearance on FRIDAY NIGHT WITH JONATHON ROSS and Avid merrion returned in a rather predictable manner in BO IN THE USA. On last Friday show worth mentioning is MAN TO MAN WITH DEAL LEARNER, a show featuring Richard Ayoade (The IT Crowd) and Mat Holness (Garth Marenghi) , a couple of guys who I did a gig with back in the stand-up days. That is, the days I used to stand-up comedy. Not that I never sdtand up now and those were the .. oh forget it. Anyways, pretty funny.

Back from the dead!

On the 'net' (although really it's not, I'm downloading them from other people. well i assume they are people...) I've been watching season 3 of LOST. It started pretty good and they seem to be focusing on the stranger elements of the island as opposed to annoying flashbacks. Pretty good so far and my good chum Scott has warned me about spoiling it for him (and anyone else i suppose, he's nice that way). I have edited this post after he emailed me complaining - I am sorry Dr Smith. Also been viewing UGLY BETTY, it's a bit like THE DEVIL WEARS PRADA - THE TV SHOW. Not that good but not that bad although it does feature Ashley Jensen from EXTRAS and Alan Dale who you may remember as Jim Robinson from NEIGHBOURS. Anything else new? No, oh, hold on. Erm... Oh yeah, TORCHWOOD!

back from the dead?

Before I talk about the show, or even type, it's worth noting that there were ads for this show on buses and in the flippin' cinema! 'Citing. So BBC3 started with a double (as BBC2 did a few days later) bill and it was filled with bad language (they continually dropped the 'F' Bomb) and sex (girls kissing girls!) although they kinda phase that out by episode three. All in all I am enjoying it. Captain Jack is good as ever and Gwen is surprisingly hot for a gap-toothed (like me) Welshy. The other characters are good and the stories so far have been fine. On a geek level, 2 of the regular cast have already appeared in DR WHO. Dr Toshiko Sato, played by Naoko Mori, appeared in last year's ALIENS OF LONDON as the same character and Gwen, played by Eve Myles, was in last season's THE UNQUIET DEAD. Last night's featured the actor John Normington, who I am sure you will remember from 1984's CAVES OF ANDROZANI, and Gareth Thomas who I am sure you will remember from the 'seminal' BLAKE'S 7, was also in it. The trailer for next week was very exciting, there's Cyber Technology in it. Sheesh! Interestingly the first episodes got BBC3 record audiences, click HERE for that story.


Life-wise, did some essays for Uni which were not enjoyable. I hate Shakespeare. Doing the open mic at the Union more actively (due to nobody wanting to play) and also did a half hour set of 'real' songs last week which was nice. Can't remember the last time I played songs I liked. Wrote 2 especially for it. Also hosted Beer Or No Beer at the Union which was a lot of fun. The show it's based on is now a year old. Crikey. The Hub opened on campus and what a let down it is with the legendary Sandi Thom opening it. The University really are cheapskates. The food is overpriced sh*t and hopefully something will be done about it. Grrr!

Oh yeah, I'm 33 now.


Why were the suspenders arrested?
For holding up a pair of pants.


Til the next time
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  • At 12:05 am, Blogger Sloan Kelly said…

    Torchwood, I think, and this is my personal opinion, is a wasted opportunity. Jack was ace in Dr Who, but he's lost his edge and become a bit of a paper pusher.

    Gwen (as you said) is excellent, but sometimes she's a bit of a girl. I mean, if that Cyber thing was coming toward me, I'd have thrown the torch at it and started firing. Never mind the warnings!!

    And, this is the biggy, it's a bit dull and not at all scary. I thought it would be more like the re-make of Quatermass, but I'm sadly disappointed. Roll on the Bride episode for Christmas Who :o)

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