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Saturday, October 07, 2006
Some Effin Good Films, Back To School & Another Gig

TV continues to impress. First up, EXTRAS. Last week's episode featured DANIEL RADCLIFFE as a sex pest and he was pretty good at it. Normally he's shit but well done you little bastid. The episode also 'starred' WARWICK DAVIES who I'm sure you'll remember played WICKET the EWOK in RETURN OF THE JEDI. There's my geek fact of the week. In the most recent episode, which is probably the best so far, CHRIS MARTIN from YAWNPLAY, sorry I mean, COLDPLAY played himself and made me laugh so much I had to pause the tape. "Is he havin' a laugh?" It affected me so much that last night I dreamt about Mr PALTROW. I told him how much I enjoyed his performance in the episode and then he told me that he wanted more questions about COLDPLAY at the quiz 'cos of their greatest hits CD coming out. Which, of course, it isn't. Wow, the brain is a funny thing. Why aren't I dreaming about chicks and stuff like that?

These guys are normally sh*t, but not here.

Next up, THAT MITCHELL & WEBB LOOK. Man it is a gooood show. Personal fav sketch is still NUMBERWANG. Last week's had GYLES BRANDRETH and he, readers prepare yourself, swore. W*nk and f*ck! Priceless. I missed this weeks edition of RUSSELL BRAND'S GOT ISSUES due to my video taping FATHER TED instead (not a bad thing in itself) although last week's was slightly better as it had JONATHON ROSS on it. He was dressed as ole Russ and was a most amusing sight. You can see it here:

Also started on ITV2 (of all places!) is the second season of THE OFFICE: AN AMERICAN WORKPLACE. Although, technically, it is actually just "The Office". They dropped the rest of it after the first season. Oh oh, that was another geek fact. The third season continues (in highly illegal download form) to amuse greatly. BBC2 has started showing the third season of ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT which i downloaded last year but is a well another look. Another great show taken from us to swiftly, sniff... (don't worry though FUTURAMA is still coming back). As I type, I am downloading the first episode from season three of LOST. 'Citing! THE APPRENTICE is still great but you do have to wonder where they get these a-holes. Back in the UK, the last winner has quie her job with Sir Alan Sugar. Click HERE for that story. Also, no sooner has he started he's off. DES LYNAM is to quit COUNTDOWN! Go HERE for that.

Beauty, the beast & my mate Stan, yesterday

Filmwise, I saw some corkers recently. I'll start with the poorest first, although it ain't that poor, it's just fluff. I refer, of course, to THE DEVIL WEARS PRADA. Total fluff and one for the chicks (feel free to shout sexist sh*t at the screen) - I was able to count the number of guys in the screen and I'm sure some of them were bummers (not that there's anything wrong with that). Anyway, MERYL STREEP was fabulous (titter), ANNE HATHAWAY was bland and all the guys were just dreamy, I mean, forgettable. It did star STANLEY TUCCI , whom I once met in TIFFANY'S in New York. True Story. Next up is CHILDREN OF MEN and a starker contrast to the previous film you could not find (well I'm sure you could but there's only limited time). It is a truly remarkable film and I cannot recommend it highly enough. Bleak, gritty, real and set in the future (a bit like my first wife) - it ain't really a weekend movie. CLIVE OWEN was superb in it as was the rest of the cast, go see. Now! Also well worth a look is THE DEPARTED, the new one from MARTIN SCORSESE. It has a huge cast: JACK NICHOLSON; DI CAPRIO (third film with Scorsese... are they in love?); MATT DAMON (normally I detest him but very good here); MARK WAHLBERG (again, a terrible actor but here, excellent); ALEC BALDWIN (similar role to his stunning GLENGARRY GLEN ROSS part); MARTIN SHEEN; RAY WINSTONE, I could go on (well, not really). The acting was one thing but the direction really shone. If I may put my FILM STUDIES hat on ... [puts hat on] was really good. The best work SCORSESE has produced since GOODFELLAS by a long stretch.

These guys are normally sh*t (well Clive Owen isn't), but not here.

Life-wise, did another gig with THE PORRIDGY. This time we were down at HERIOT WATT in Edinburgh and it was alot of fun. The event was sold out (over 200 tickets) and our 'support' act was a Ceilidh band which was most amusing. Many confused lookin' freshers. There are pictures of that event HERE and HERE. I'm back at Uni and wondering why the hell I chose to do a course on SHAKESPEARE! I mean, really. What was I thinking? The quiz rumbles one and last Tuesday was a helluva night. Apart from the fact that I'd had a few (much like everyone else), there was much discussion on, erm, sexual activities. Mainly degrading acts I must say but damn funny nonetheless. I blame the bar staff, they started it. Dirty bastards. White Dragon indeed. In my day a kiss and a cuddle was enough. Still is! Finally, I have started wearing contacts. I'm pretty good at putting them in, first try every time!

How do you know policemen are strong?
Because they can hold up traffic.


Til the next time
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