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Monday, November 27, 2006
Kramer the Racist & Tennis with Andy Murray
TV hasn't really changed with the exception of the addition of THE RUSSELL BRAND SHOW. His first guests were MATT LUCAS & DAVID WALLIAMS with music from AMY WINEHOUSE (more about that skank later). Anyways, although it was fun, I have heard all the stories from those guys before as they have appeared on his radio show a few times. Brand also managed to get out the 'Liam Gallagher Has No Mum-Mode' yarn for the third time in as many weeks. Getting a bit tedious. Next week he's got MORRISSEY on which should be a helluva lorra fun.

Moses the cat, yesterday.

Strangely BBC3 has started showing a new season of FAMILY GUY but did they tell anyone? No. No adverts, nothing. I found it quite by chance, they do double bills. Still it's nice to see it on TV regardless of how poorly promoted it is. QI gets better and better, as does NEVER MIND THE BUZZCOCKS. The other week there featured the aforementioned skank, AMY WINEHOUSE where she spat. No, really spat. She was, let me think, wrecked. No spitting on the footage below, but you'll get the idea. Slag!

TORCHWOOD still continues to be okay. There was a very good episode, however, featuring fairies. There was a cat in it too which was nice. In other DR WHO-related news, there was a special concert for CHILDREN IN NEED where they played the music from the show. Listened to it a few times and was most impressed, you can do so HERE. Stout work fellas. Still with WHO, the XMAS special looms and excites us all! The second season of WHO came out last week on DVD so I'm making my way through that at the moment. Much fun!

XMAS DR WHO, yesterday.

In other DVD news, got THE IT CROWD which was flippin' ace. All the menu screens are take-offs on old SPECTRUM games, and they are very well done too. Some great commentaries and a neat spoof documentary hosted by Adam Buxton who keeps asking the creator when he's bringing FATHER TED back. Slightly less humourously is BODIES. Been watching the first season, pretty grim stuff but very well made and extremely well acted. The seventh season of SEINFELD was released and, as if by magic, a rather controversial news story was created by one of its actors, Mr MICHAEL "Cosmo Kramer" RICHARDS. Although, from now I think his middle names might be slightly less flattering. He was doing stand-up and then berated some members of his audience, who interrupted him, with some racism. Click HERE for the story and below for the actual clip of him doing it. Jerry Seinfeld appeared on THE DAVID LETTERMAN show a few nights later where you witnessed an apology from Mr Richards and Jerry visibly annoyed by members of the audience laughing at it. Sadly, that bit of footage has been removed from YOUTUBE. Bah!

Film-wise, there have been some great moments. First up, THE PRESTIGE directed by CHRIS "Memento & Batman Begins" NOLAN and starring CHRISTIAN BALE and HUGH "Not-as-good-as-Christian-Bale" JACKMAN. I was really looking forward to this and I was not disappointed, definitely one of the best of the year. Great story, looks great and great actors (although Hugh Jackman could have been replaced by someone better, specifically Guy "I was in Memento" Pearce). Next, another beauty, HOLLYWOODLAND. It's not often that you see BEN AFFLECK, not only in a good movie but also where he is good (the exception being BOILER ROOM). And here he is goooood. As are ADRIEN BRODY and DIANE LANE but Affleck seems to be picking up the plaudits for his role. TENACIOUS D & THE PICK OF DESTINY was allright as was SAW III which brings me to the 'interactive part of this blog. In that film someone gets their head opened up while they are still alive. Holes are drilled (carefully mind) into the skull and bit of the skull lifted off and then put back on. I wondered if this was possible. Now, my old chum Dr Smith reads this so hopefully he can verify if it can be done. Not that I want to, I'm just curious. Let's see what happen! Still with movies, check out this clip, it's BIFF FROM BACK TO THE FUTURE (Thomas F. Wilson)singing a song. Sound lame? It's not, well worth a lookee. If it comes up blank below just click on the space and it'll appear, honestly.

Life-wise, I announced the end of BATMAN & ROBBIE (my quiz night) a couple of weeks back. It will finish at the end of this term. Sad? Not really, six years is along time to do anything. Still doing BEER OR NO BEER at The Union which is getting better every week. Also, went to the Exhibition Centre to see the ABERDEEN CUP which featured, amongst others, ANDY MURRAY (his brother was playing too) and GREG RUSEDSKI. Sadly, I didn't take my camera so no pix. Bah! The Scottish Team beat the English but most amusing was Mr Rusedski's fanclub were there. They gave the night a bit more oomph and it was strange to see all these middle-aged women cheering him on. Incidentally, if there was a competition for charisma, the Canadian, sorry I mean, Englishman would have won hands down (although not difficult with Andy "I'm a miserable C" Murray present) and was most charming with his huuuge smile and quips. I am NOT gay for him just in case you think that.

What do you give a dog with a fever?
Mustard. (It's good for a hot dog.)


Til the next time
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