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Tuesday, January 02, 2007
TORCHWOOD ends & other Xmas Telly
Flippin' eck!
Now that was a finale worthy of DOCTOR WHO. TORCHWOOD ended yesterday with a double bill that really delivered. Almost perfect, almost. The first episode, the better of the two, dealt with CAPTAIN JACK and TOSHIKO stuck in 1941 and the rest of the guys trynig to get them back through the rift (the rift which was first mentioned in WHO's THE UNQUIET DEAD and then in BOOM TOWN). Strangely, a guy called Bilis Manger was able to be present in both times... Was he The Master? Was he The Doctor? There was evidence for both although the following episode disposed of these (kind of) when the 'son of the beast' (see THE IMPOSSIBLE PLANET/SATAN PIT for more) appeared and reaked havoc. We do not who Bilis is and how he manages to manipulate people (in a very simliar way to the Beast and the Master) but I am sure he will crop up again - hope so, he was an effin'; good villian. At the end there was the biggest shock of all.... the sound of the TARDIS, Jack smiles and then disappears. END! By christ it was good. Lots of questions. Was it the Doctor's time machine or another Timelord's? I gues we'll never know.... Except we will when Jack returns to DOCTOR WHO in May/June.

Bilis, yesterday.

The second spin-off show, THE SARAH JANE ADVENTURES was aired also yesterday. Firmly aimed at under tens I think I was not the best audience for this piece of, erm, TV. It did not hold my attention at all and I can't imagine that kids would be too enthralled with it either. Still, I am too old for that show. In other WHO news, after the trailer for season three revealed the BLACK DALEK the BBC then announced they would return in 1930's Manhattan, click HERE for that story. An eagle-eyed geek, sorry I mean viewer noticed somehting interesting about the shot of the Dalek from the trailer - that it was not alone. If you look at the bottom, left and right, you will see the shadows of Dalek suckers!

Suckers (or shadows of), yesterday.

THE SUN also printed THIS story about David Tennant quitting the show next year but the BBC quickly dismissed it with THIS story. Lastly, with WHO, JOHN "Captain Jack" BARROWMAN got married in a civil ceremony, go HERE for that one. Elsewhere on telly,
RICKY GERVAIS MEETS GARRY SHANDLING proved to be as difficult, although brilliant, to watch as their shows. Shandling appeared clearly uncomfortable in the situation and Gervais couldn't really handle it. Was this intentional? Woho knows but it was bloody funny. THE BIG FAT QUIZ OF THE YEAR promised to be hilarious - the guests were RUSSELL BRAND; NOEL FIELDING; DAVID WALLIAMS; ROB BRYDON; JONATHON ROSS; and erm, Cat Deely - and it delivered baby. Fielding & Brand worked terrifically well as a double act and I wonder aloud if we'll see them together again. Amusingly, GUY GOMA (no stranger to this blog) made an appearance and I laughed again as they showed the clip of him being interviewed. He also turned up on another quiz show, BBC1's THE BIG FINISH which had JOHN BARROWMAN on it too.

Guy Goma returns!

HARRY HILL returned in HARRY HILL'S XMAS TV BURP and was a side splittingly funny as ever although he didn't do any stuff on DOCTOR WHO which was slightly disappointing and he concentrated a bit too much on the soaps for my liking. Nevertheless, he was great! The same cannot be said for LITTLE BRITAIN ABROAD which didn't get a laugh for either episodes. Time for that show to end methinks. The same cannot be said, however, for STILL GAME which returned for a Hogmany special and was really well done. Copying many shows before it, they went for the flashback with some truly hilarious scenes from the 70's in Osprey Heights. Not bad for a show that is 5 seasons in. We got to see how many of the characters first met and there was a few cheap laughs from fashions and furniture. Well done guys. Finally on TV, Channel Four did a MONTY PYTHON night with a showing of LIFE OF BRIAN but, more interestingly, there was also a two great documentaries - THE SECRET LIFE OF BRIAN and WHAT THE PYTHONS DID NEXT . Really interesting and, of course funny too. Particularly the first of the two where we saw the ridiclousness of the church and its opinions. Markedly, the issues are more relevant in today's world of zany religions...

Monty Python, yesterday.

Film-wise, I saw NIGHT AT THE MUSEUM which was tremendous fun. Very Eighties in feel and ideas, it kept the action high, the schmaltz low and the running time neat. Stout work. Running time was a bit of a problem with CASINO ROYALE. It starts off very well but once they get to the casino it does get a little dull with longing looks over the table as the play cards and some duff dialogue between Bond and his girl. Still, DANIEL CRAIG was superb and I laugh when I think of all the idiots who said that he wouldn't be any good.

What did the mother buffalo say to her child as he left for school?


Til the next time
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