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Monday, February 12, 2007
The BAFTAs and the return of LOST
To start off, I'll start with an odd bit of DOCTOR WHO news - he's to appear in THE BEANO! Go HERE for that story. No other confirmed WHO news but it seems Season Three returns on the 24th March - my dinkle has been burping for days now!

Dr Who in 'The Beano', yesterday.

In other 'news', little 'ole Shawn of WALLACE & GROMIT fame is to get his own show, go HERE for that. I mentioned a while ago that FUTURAMA was on its way back (hurrah!), well there's more on its return. And blinkin' flip if it isn't dinkle-burping news of the highest order! Go HERE, you know you want to. So what did I watch this week on the box? As usual, AMERICAN IDOL was less entertaining previous episodes, although some lucky slut, who they originally canned, got a second chance which she duly took and managed to convice them of her, erm, talent. Strangely, for the third time in as many weeks, the song "A Change Is Gonna Come", originally written & performed by SAM COOKE, made an appearance. Now, it ain't the most well known of his hits (see WONDERFUL WORLD for that accolade), but those crazy American bastids have shown great taste in choosing that particular track as it is one of my favourite songs ever. It does lead me to believe, however, that some little sh*t is gonna do a version of it and murder it. Bah! If that happens then I have predicted the future, and not for the first time.....

Sam Cooke, yesterday.

Elsewhere on TV, DRAGON'S DEN returned and was as amusing as ever with Keith, sorry I mean, "Levi Roots" performing the glorious track "Reggae Reggae Sauce". This ultimately led to an appearance on HARRY HILL'S TV BURP which was funny, but not great. Again. Harumph. Oddly, on RICHARD & JUDY (I don't watch it, this was just coincidental that I saw this - right!), they re-enacted the pre-add 'fight' gag with their own Harry lookalike. It's meta-TV allright. PARTY ANIMALS was better and I will continue to watch it, as was NEVER MIND THE BUZZCOCKS which had me laughing, literally, out loud. I say literally just in case you cannot imagine me laughing. DONNY TOURETTE was on and made an utter 'c' of himself but, bless him, he kept on going trying to be funny. And failing. For some reason he started to have a go at the ever-lovely BILL BAILEY which led to AMSTELL saying "He's a comedian, you can't win". Donny also couldn't tell the difference between TOBY ANSTIS and the host, the effin' jerkoff. Bizarrely this episode was filmed before CELEB BB, so there was no reference to it, only to his awful looking reality show where he claimed he 'dicked all over The Sex Pistols'. Now there's a Channel 5 show if ever there was one.

Amstell & Anstis - if you are an a-hole, pseudo punk, then you don't know them apart.

Dowload-wise, LOST is back! But not that great an episode on its return. And who would have though they were aliens, did not see that one coming..... THE OFFICE is still bloody funny, laugh-out-loud-wise and I have continued watching HEROES despite the hilariously poor acting and dialogue. I still feel I could be doing something better with my time. Film-wise, I went to see MUSIC & LYRICS, which I loved. I do have a soft spot for DREW BARRYMORE and, indeed, HUGE GRUNT when they are in ROMCOMS so this was pretty delicious. Loved the 80s stuff too and I guess if you are a kid that doesn't know much about film or music then you shouldn't go to see it (you know who you are) as you won't understand what is going on due to your adolescent minds. (ha ha) Ultimately, it was cheesy but still ace at the same time. Also saw THE PURSUIT OF HAPPYNESS (sic) which was really emotionally draining but did have a good pay-off and The Smiths were great in it, those charming men. Another film which had truly mesmerising performances, was NOTES ON A SCANDAL although I strongly felt they fluffed the ending. Apparently the ending in the book is pish too, but that's chick-litt for you. News-wise, 'they' (perhaps the government) have set a release date for the next INDIANA JONES movie, go HERE to find out when. 'Citin'! Also coming up is TOY STORY 3, go HERE to find out more. Here's an odd bit of news that I couldn't find anywhere to stick in and it sounds like it could have been a VIC REEVES monologue from the early Nineties. ++Start Vic Reeves Voice++ Right, there was the lead singer from IRON MAIDEN, you know Bruce Dickinson and he was flying a plane with the RANGERS football team on it and they were gonna play a game, etc...++End Vic Reeves Voice++. Well, click HERE for that story. Very, very odd.

Which one is better? I think it's effin' obvious.

And this brings me neatly to the BAFTAs. JONATHAN ROSS, you were abysmal. Utterly shocking - you have no place at that award ceremony and whoever wrote your jokes should be banned from TV for life. Let's hope they get enough money together and get STEPHEN FRY back. As for the actual awards, I'll do a post on the winners (and losers) separately but, of note on the night were both RICKY GERVAIS and SIMON PEGG who managed to present awards and get laughs, real laughs.

What do you call a crazy insect on the moon?
A lunar-tick!


Til the next time
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