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Saturday, February 17, 2007
First off some scuttle on DOCTOR WHO. There's been varying rumours (newspapers, etc..) on JOHN SIMM playing a role in the upcoming season and I have briefly mentioned it in earlier post. Well, apparently MICHAEL SHEEN is also up for the same role. It's all very exciting, as I am sure you can tell, but is it a coincidence that Mr Simm's character in LIFE ON MARS, Sam Tyler, is an anagram of 'Masterly'? Probably, we'll just have to wait and see what happens....

'Citing! Uplifting, if anything.

Elsewhere, forgot to mention a few things in my last post. Here they are:

NOEL FIELDING was also on NEVER MIND THE BUZZCOCKS (more on this week's later) last week and very funny he was too.
• Surprisingly, ('cos I HATE cars and all they stand for) I watched TOP GEAR for the very first time ('cos I wrongly heard that Billie Piper was gonna be on it) and it was pretty good. The three guys - Jeremy Clarkson, the not-dead 'Hamster' and some old looking woman - travelled in the south of the US in cars they bought for under a $1,000 (that's about 2p in our money). They got threatened which was funny, although they were not killed, sadly. Only joking. I might even watch it again.
THE POLICE played at The Grammy's and are now doing a world tour. Great performance at the show, Sting in particular was in fine voice.
• At the BAFTAs, CILLIAN MURPHY was in a category called the RISING STAR. Now forgive me for criticising this austere ceremony any more but that guy has been making movies for years and in fact, last year, was a quiet one by his standards. Idiots!
• And finally, started doing BEER OR NO BEER at the Students' Union again. Got a very warm welcome on my return, lots of apple sauce and cheering which was nice.

Great opening.

Catch up over.
TV-wise, THE BRITS took place and it was hosted by RUSSELL BRAND. I felt he did a very strong job of hosting considering not only how many people were, but how many people were there and not listening. He did manage to upset viewers at home with references to The Queen and the war in Iraq. If you can't do it there then where can you? He reacted extremely well to the onstage goings on - Steve Tyler from AEROSMITH told him he needed to do something with his hair, Brand replied, "I'm kind of busy right now, but I'll get on it". Still, lots of people don't like him and their view ain't gonna change - their loss. The highlight of the night was definitely the opening act, the SCISSOR SISTERS with a mind-blowing perfmance of a rather bland tune. They looked like muppets (in a good way) and it was certainly very difficult to work out how they did some of their moves - full marks all round there. The tepid SNOW PATROL could take a leaf out of their book, boring bunch of 'c's. And what about JOSS STONE? The poor cow, she's lost all that weight and also her sanity. The aformentioned host starred in a pilot for a sitcom called THE ABBEY (written by Morwenna Banks from "Absolutely" factoid fans) which had a few other famous people in it. It was so-so, not great but not terrible. The infamous episode of NEVER MIND THE BUZZCOCKS with PRESTON was aired. Right from the get-go he was clearly unhappy with the host and sported a face that would stop, erm, something gross? It was hilarious though but I did have to watch through my fingers when Chantelle's book was brought out. In fairness to the host, he did not actually say anything bad about Preston's wife - the dirty cum-drenched-hoor that she is. Elsewhere, I watched all the usual stuff from the past weeks, no great shocks, nothing bad. I did manage to miss the aforementioned LIFE ON MARS as I had to do a FILM STUDIES presentation the following day.

Simon Pegg, yesterday.

Film-wise, went to see the new SIMON PEGG/EDGAR WRIGHT movie, HOT FUZZ. My dinkle did so many burps during this flick that I almost fainted. Not only is it funny in a very base manner (old woman getting kicked in the face), it also works on a few levels up from that too with some clever citations from cop/buddy films - some more obvious than others. Pegg kicks it up a notch here by playing a character that is not necessarily likeable - a bit straight and a bit of a prick. Frost plays the goon with some applomb, as usual. The rest of the cast is also worth mentioning as there are no let downs, everyone is great and I urge you to look out for CATE BLANCHETT. She's there allright, not credited, but she does have a semi-large speaking role and her, erm, 'face' fills the screen a few times. Look out for it. Interestingly she's not, as yet, listed on IMDB or the wiki-pedia as being in the film so that's an internet first for all you geeks out there! All in all, you gotta see it and I will be again. Well done guys you magnificent bastids! Speaking of magnificent bastids, the trailer for the new JERRY SEINFELD film BEE MOVIE is online, go HERE to see, in fact, two trailers. I urge you to do so 'cos they are very, very funny, laugh-out-loud-wise. You'll see CHRIS ROCK, EDDIE IZZARD and SPIELBERG in there too. Also saw the trailer for MITCHELL & WEBB's new film, MAGICIANS, which looks tip-top and has an excellent cast. Oddest bit of movie news this week? A film about MILLI VANNILI? Well, girl you know it's true and go HERE to find out more.

They're back!.

Elsewhere, the marks for the exams I sat in mid-January are finally out. I got a 16 for READING SHAKESPEARE (woo-flippin' hoo, I hate that bastid!) and, incredibly, a 17 for GLOBAL CINEMAS. Considering how little work I did for both I am pretty happy. Ecstatic in fact. Must try harder though. Changed tutorial for this term's English class as the woman doing it is a bit sh*t. Also got GARAGEBAND for my Mac and have started some new recordings.

Oh, I almost forgot, my blog is now one year old! Happy Blogday to me!

How do you get a Kleenex to dance?
Put a little Boogie in it!!


Til the next time
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