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Monday, June 18, 2007
"Back once again for the renegade MASTER!!!"
With the ill behaviour indeed!

The Doctor gets his photo taken all the time these days...

When DAVID TENNANT said that this episode would contain a "pivotal moment" in DOCTOR WHO history, he wasn't flippin' wrong. I mean to say, scrim my nim jim! Where to start? Well, CAPTAIN JACK was back and in fine style. There was some neat interplay between him and The Doctor, especially during a scene where the former was stuck in the radiation room. We found out the Doc seems to be scared of 'ole Jack and I'm sure the "man who can't die" motif will be resolved at some point. DEREK JACOBI (no stranger to who - he played some bloke called "The Master" in the online story THE SCREAM OF THE SHALKA and also voiced the Doctor in the very odd audio drama DEADLINE) played 'The Professor' which seemed to be a nod to the Seventh Doctor (played by SYLVESTER MCCOY) who was referred to by that title by his companion ACE. During the episode, entitled UTOPIA, the sound of drums could be heard in the back ground (identical in rhythm heard at the end of 42 and in the trailer for the season, I know, I'm a geek) and became more apparent when he clapped his peepers on the TARDIS and when words like 'time-travel', 'Daleks' and 'regenerations' were used and this flagged up my Spidey-senses big stylee.

The Effiel 65 revival continues 'til the end of time, seemingly.

The moments when the pocket watch (or FOB watch as in Family Of Blood and Face Of Boe - ooooo creepy, eh?) was revealed were genius as was the revelation of the Professor's name YANA as an acronym for the Face Of Boe's last words - "You Are Not Alone". That's when I knew somethin' was up! When the Prof changed and hissed "I am The Master", I could have wept with excitement but instead chose the more regal, "Whaaa!!£@!!!±!" More dinkle-burping ensued as The Master regenerated into JOHN SIMM. Incredible stuff, a truly mesmerising cliff hanger and very similar in feel to when the Daleks appeared in last season's finale. The difference here is that we have two episodes to go! All in all, another amazing episode and the finale looks to be as arse-bendingly feverish as ever.
The ayes have it...

Interestingly, and I use the word quite wrongly, there was a cameo from a young lad who won a competition on BLUE PETER. I say cameo, he got a few lines and was pretty bloody good. Stout work. Sticking with 'interesting', this seems to be the first part of a three-part story which is a first in the world of 'New Who'. The trailer for next week was centered on The Master and featured no footage of The Doctor, Jack or Martha - are they gonna make it back home? Who can say? The clip did show The Master saying "Run for your life" which, as I am sure you are well aware, the Ninth Doctor said to Rose in the first episode! Geek! Also on a geek level, the Doctor used the word "Indomitable" to describe the human race which, as you all probably know (hem hem), he used in 1974's classic THE ARK IN SPACE. Nice touch.

Am I in a coma?

Elsewhere on TV, PAUL MERTON IN CHINA came to an end. I'm gonna miss that crazy bastid, let's hope he gets another series. Don't really care where, I'm sure he could do a good job, even in Belgium. Another show that came an end was THE APPRENTICE and, by crikey, Sralan chose the unexpected for sure - Simon. Total surprise so well done. I like surprises. Great season this year though mainly for all the idiots and a-holes. On US TV, ROBOT CHICKEN did a STAR WARS special - you can see it below. Well worth a watch and I don't normally like parodies of Star Wars - usually because they aren't any good.

Music-wise, PRINCE is back with a new single "Guitar". Very playful and pretty good. Probably his best single in over a decade. I am a big fan of him, though anything after 1989, more often than not, is pish. On the radio, the second part of the SGT PEPPERS project was broadcast and it was even worse than the first! ATHLETE recreated "Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds" almost to the letter (why bother then?); JAMIE CULLUM murdered "For The Benefit Of Mr Kite"; THE ZUTONS did a solid version of "Good Morning, Good Morning" which, again, sounded like a replica of the original; CARL BARAT and PETE DOHERTY put their differences aside and did my favourite track, "Day In The Life" in the most mundane of styles - those boys cannot sing; OASIS did my least favourite track (from the original) and made it the best of this poor bunch - "Within You, Without You". They made it sound like "Tomorrow Never Knows" which isn't a bad thing at all. Oh yeah, forgot to mention "When I'm Sixty-Four". This was 'sung' by RUSSELL BRAND. Can you tell what I think already? Did the ' ' give it away? The only positive thing to say about this abomination was at least they (he did it with movie composer DAVID ARNOLD) tried to do it in a new way - a bit like Doc Cotton/Nana Moon drunk with gin.

He love his guitar, man

Life-wise, though I don't really like to explore the real events of my life, I recorded some shows for ABERDEEN STUDENT RADIO, which should be up and running by Freshers' Week, with RICHARD MILLER. We did a review of the year so far and a few shows called "Tune/Off" where we play songs (that the other hasn't heard) at each other. 'Citin'! Also got my results from Uni for the last two courses - both a 16. Pretty happy 'cos I thought I had really effed up the English exam - they must have some divs doing the marking. So to this week's CUM DRENCHED WHORE OF THE WEEK AWARD. Tough one this week. Spears, Lohan and Hilton are making life pretty hard for every other potential CDW in the world. But, after much though, it goes to......... THE KIT KAT DOLLS! Click HERE for the salacious garbage about these nobodies. And finally, my hometown of Girvan was in the news this week and it was good news! Click HERE for the 411.

Me and Rick - the new Pat & Mick?

Did you hear about the Buddhist who refused an anaesthetic at the dentist?
He wanted to transcend dental medication.


'Til the next time
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  • At 11:18 am, Blogger Misssy M said…

    Cammy, if you continue to look any more like Richard Dreyfus in Jaws/Close Encounters era, I swear either the Drey or the Spielberg is going to sue.

    Sorry to be so superficial and not mention any other points on your most excellent blog, but there it is.

  • At 12:00 pm, Blogger Cameron McEwan said…

    Arf Arf!

    Superficial is what I live for.

    "We're gonna need a bigger blog"

  • At 9:57 am, Blogger Misssy M said…

    Cammy: I thought this would either enrage you or make you laugh (it made me laugh). From Scaryduck, one of the funniest bloggers in whole tinternet (excepting us, of course)

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