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Friday, June 08, 2007
Cripes! It's been a while. I have moved, I had exams and now it's summer. Time to blog again. So what's first, ah yes, a little show I like to call DOCTOR WHO!

It all took place in the future....

When we last saw him he'd just met SHAKESPEARE, so much has happened since. The fourth episode, GRIDLOCK, revealed the Doc's sadness at the loss of his home but we also got the tantalisingly enigmatic (text book enigmatic some would say) FACE OF BOE's final message to the Timelord - "You are not alone". Did my dinkle burp? A little bit. Next up was the two part Dalek 'clunker', DALEKS IN MANHATTAN and EVOLUTION OF THE DALEKS. It looked great and was superbly filmed but it didn't do it for me. The cliffhanger wasn't helped by the fact that the flippin' RADIO TIMES had the hybrid Dalek on the cover. Bah! Did enjoy the use of the "Temporal Shift" though, I wonder when we'll see DALEK "WRATH OF/ CHAKA" CAAN again?

Burrilliant baddie!

Next up was THE LAZARUS EXPERIMENT starring WHO scribe MARK GATISS. If you remember from my blog last year, I went to see him at the Uni just after he had filmed this episode. He was bloody good in it and, after 4 weeks of no mention of his name, SAXON reared his, erm, head. 'Citin'! Then, due to the flippin' EUROVISION SONG CONTEST, there was a weak, sorry, week break. Because of this the BEEB gave us a sneaky peak into the rest of the season at the end of the last episode. Crikey, it was good. JOHN SIMM in a gas mask tapping out a beat gave me the shivers. That beat, on a total geek level, appeared in the next episode 42 when we saw SAXON's cronies. The story itself was ok, nothing special. Special doesn't do service to the next two episodes, HUMAN NATURE and THE FAMILY OF BLOOD - an adaptation of PAUL CORNELL'S book HUMAN NATURE (which you can download HERE). Stunning stuff, great cast and no Doctor! Well, DAVID TENNANT was there playing John Smith and what a job he did too especially in the closing moments of the story. Strong stuff. Best WHO ever? Very possibly. So, all in all, Season Three is going well although according to THE SUN it's getting axed next year. Click HERE for that and HERE to see that FREEMA is getting axed and HERE to see that WOODY ALLEN is joining the cast! No, really. Interestingly, it looks like KYLIE may be joining the cast for the Christmas episode.

Lovely, lovely Joan. Sniff...

THE APPRENTICE is almost at an end and my two favourites, TRE and KATIE have gone. Sniff, although the latter chose to leave even though SR'ALAN picked her to be in the final. Why camel face, why??!! Still, it's been a great season, mainly due to all the idiots they picked. PEEP SHOW returned and left in the meantime. Great season, I wasn't too fond of last year's but they kicked it up a notch fort his year. HAVE I GOT NEWS FOR YOU? is back and pretty much the same as ever. On last week's they mentioned one of my lecturers from Uni, a chap called Dominic Watt. He was quoted on comments (he's an 'expert' by the way) on Gordon Brown's accent.

Sniff, gone to a better place, sniff....

FRIDAY NIGHT WITH JONATHON ROSS is back too but it has stunk big time. Terrible guests. The only highlights have been RUFUS WAINWRIGHT and JOHN BARROWMAN - fantastic homosexuals the pair of them. When JB was on they showed a clip from his return to DOCTOR WHO - my dinkle burped that night I can tell you. Speaking of dinkle-burping, LOST came to a very interesting climax. Some of the best episodes of the show came in the last half of this season. Well done, stout work. I'm still continuing with HEROES but I'm not that moved by it. The script and acting really stink. But I am still watching. PAUL MERTON IN CHINA has provided many laughs and a fascinating insight into the communist country. Channel 5 you say? Yup, I now have SKY! So many shows, so many channels, so many ads! One of these shows is TWO AND A HALF MEN. Another is KATIE & PETER: THE NEXT CHAPTER (what have I become?). I'm sure over the next few months there'll be more atrocities to add. PARAMOUNT is good 'cos they seem to show FRASIER continually. Finally on TV, BIG BROTHER is back. The house is full of women (only one man at the mo) and it's poor. Well, I say that. I haven't really seen much of it. But women are usually rubbish on telly anyway...... (grabs brush for the next sweeping statement) Oh yeah, one of the little sluts got kicked out for being racist, when will they learn?

Paul Merton, erm, in China?

Music-wise, I got the ARCADE FIRE album, "Neon Bible". Very good. Got the WILCO album "Sky Blue Sky" which is lovely. The new single from DUKE SPECIAL, "Last Night I Nearly Died", is great so I got the album - bloody good. RUFUS WAINWRIGHT returned with a good album (not as good as I had hoped though). THEY MIGHT BE GIANTS are back with their new release "The Else" and, although excellent, didn't quite live up to my expectations either. SUZANNE VEGA also returned with a great album "Beauty & Crime" and PAUL MCCARTNEY released his back catalogue on iTUNES as well as his new one, "Memory Almost Full" (interestingly, an anagram of "For My Soulmate LLM"). Great stuff from the maestro. Best album this year? Could be..... Bizzarely, NATALIE PORTMAN is in the video for his new single. Sticking with Macca, SGT PEPPER'S celebrated 40 years and the BEEB were quick off the mark with their tribute album featuring artists who can barely play an instrument lat alone master a classic BEATLES tune. Cretins! KAISER CHIEFS, MAGIC NUMBERS and RAZORLIGHT were the worst offenders.

Turning in his grave....

Film-wise, it has been a barren time. Due to the move and exams, I wasn't at the cinema for over 2 months! That's the longest I have been without since I toured Europe in the Nineties. So, what was my first film back. Well it was the atrocious SPIDERMAN 3. There are so many problems with that film that I won't even start on it. Next up was PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN - AT WORLD'S END. A bit long to be honest, but allright. MAGICIANS, featuring MITCHELL & WEBB, had a great cast and was very funny. The same, however, cannot be said for WEDDING DAZE. Why, you may ask, did I bother?


Life-wise, there's been the move and exams. English was a toughie but I did enough for Film Studies even though the paper was littered with grammatical errors, spelling mistakes and non sequiturs. I sold my compooper and got a fancy MacBook Pro (it's a laptop). Did a lot of eBay stuff over Easter which, incredibly, earned me a sweet £2/3K. Got rid of stuff so I didn't have to shift it all in the move. And now lastly we come to the CUM DRENCHED WHORE OF THE WEEK AWARD. There's been a few so here goes:




Do I need reasons? Ok, one of them mimed on her comeback, one does coke with knives and one went to jail for three days. Bang!

There's a lot of buzz around Jerry's new film!

How does the queen bee get around her hive?
She's throne.


'Til the next time
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  • At 5:04 pm, Blogger Misssy M said…

    Yay! Cammy's back and if Paris Hilton hadn't been the CDW of the week I'd have come round to your (new) house to ask, "Why Not?"

    Britney and Lohan are a given. They are Perma CDWs.

    Glad your blog is back.

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