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Wednesday, July 25, 2007
There's a sneaky pic taken on set from the DOCTOR WHO Christmas special see it now!

DARTH MAUL reflects on his patchy career...

Sadly, filming was halted on the episode as DAVID TENNANT's mother passed away. I know exactly how painful that is and my thoughts go out to all his family. Anyway, moving on.

Will their planet be B'OOD'IFUL?

The OOD are back next year in an episode imaginatively titled, PLANET OF THE OOD. Wonder what that'll be about? Elsewhere on TV there's still not much. STILL GAME was average but did feature two actors who starred in the 'Who In Scotland' episode, TOOTH & CLAW. A show that has caught my attention is NEWS KNIGHT. It is yet another comedy-panel-discuss-the-news show but it's alright. SIR TREV has revealed quite a gift for delivery and it's a bit of blast hearing him giggle. One of my old pals on the circuit, REGINALD D HUNTER, has been on a few times and raised the chuckle barrier somewhat. THE NEW ADVENTURES OF OLD CHRISTINE has already got a bit naff. Although my love for JL-D will probably make me watch the rest of the series it has gone downhill pretty quickly. Having said that, I did laugh out loud when she befriended an African American family who turned out to be homophobes and used the "F" word (ryhmes with maggot). Fruity, fanciful and France were all synonyms mistakenly used when the 'characters' didn't know what the "F" word was. Oh yeah, TORCHWOOD has started filming, see the pic below!

Did someone, erm, SPIKE your drink?

Film-wise, THE SIMPSONS MOVIE is finally here and, for those who were worried (including me) don't be, it's a flippin' riot. Some lazy hacks are saying it's simply three episodes stuck together, it's not. Also, all the funny bits aren't in the trailer, the funniest bits weren't even in the trailer. The first 25 minutes are so are the funniest and there are too many gags to mention but, due to the nature of narrative, etc... (yawn), the jokes do slow down but they keep comin' regularly enough and it was nice to be in a full cinema full of laughter. Stay during the credits, there's an extra song and some more gags! It's not perfect, of course. Too much Simpsons and not enough Ned, Moe, Burns or Skinner for my liking but maybe they'll have more of them in the sequel. Nice work Asian animators, nice work.

More Burns!

I've been a naughty boy recently and have downloaded a few films - first up, FOR YOUR CONSIDERATION. As a fan of WAITING FOR GUFFMAN, BEST IN SHOW and A MIGHTY WIND, I was expecting this to be at least good. Sadly, it was not. How the mighty have fallen. I laughed once during this sorry affair. Try a script next time you effin' losers! Did a WILL FERREL double-bill (Why you ask? I dunno...) of BLADES OF GLORY and TALLADEGA NIGHTS and frankly, I needn't have bothered. I am halfway through the latter so I can't fully comment but I did laugh once, when the SACHA BARON COHEN character said "Hakuna Matata" in a Terminator stylee. BLADES was a mess. A turgid mess. I can see why they thought it would be a good idea, with the aformentioned, and totally past it FERREL (although I personally don't think he ever really had 'it'), JON "Napolean Dynamite - that's all folks, nothing else to see here" HEDER and a half decent cast featuring some of the ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT people as well as the lovely PAM from THE OFFICE. It was a chore getting through this garbage, comedy isn't easy guys - never think that it is, 'cos that's where you are going wrong. Thankfully, some respite came in the form of kiddies flick THE LAST MIMZY. Based on a short story (and sci-fi at that) from the 1940s, the film had me interested all the way through but I think it was a bit slow for kids as there was no real action or 'kiddies' kind of comedy. Very Eighties in a way. Although I could have just liked it so much 'cos everything else I've seen recently has been so bad and devoid of imagination which this had plenty of. It also featured RAINN WILSON from THE OFFICE who showed that he can play an imminently likeable character, far removed from his TV persona. Stout work.

Guess which one is Mimzy?

Music-wise, THEY MIGHT BE GIANTS got round to releasing their latest work, THE ELSE, in the real world (as opposed to the digital world). Well, in the U.S. at least. I got a few copies imported (selling the rest on eBay, doing nicely thank you) and they have the benefit of featuring an extra 23 track disc - amazing stuff. Nearly as good as the 'proper' disc. Due to my enjoyment of the current FEIST album, I delved into their back catalogue and 'got' LET IT DIE. Pretty, but not as, good. Oddly, it features a cover of a RON SEXSMITH song. Nice. Also 'got' the new releases from: THE POLYPHONIC SPREE - yawn, a couple of good songs; THE ENEMY - double yawn, couldn't even finish listening to it; INTERPOL - not terrible but very samey, I am gonna give this one a second listen. On the radio, KEN BRUCE's radio show has been the victim of the recent BEEB scandal involving phone-in competitions. They banned all phone-ins regardless of the fact that a lot aren't based on easy multiple choice questions on a premium rate line. Yes, I am referring to POPMASTER. People phone in and answer questions and they all get a prize! It's that simple (although the questions aren't). Mr Bruce was, quite rightly, annoyed, but persevered and got some of his celeb chums to do the quiz, just for fun! Stand up: ALED JONES; DALE WINTON; JEREMY "Jezza" VINE; BEVERLY KNIGHT; and SOPHIE ELIS-BEXTER. I cannot wait to see, or even hear, who'll be on next!

They Might Be Giants - still effin' brilliant after all these years.

As for this week's CDW AWARD, I'm afraid that LOHAN has done it again. Getting arrested that is. SPEARS was a close second and I'm sure she'll be back to the top next week. Anyway girls, give someone else a chance - it's just getting boring now.

Which Knight drools alot?
Sir Liva


'Til the next time
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  • At 6:27 pm, Blogger Richard said…

    I may have to 'get' the new feist album. I quite enjoyed the last one and 1234 has been a regular listen of late.

  • At 8:31 pm, Blogger Cameron McEwan said…

    The new one is so much better. 1234 is a-to-the-w-to-the-e-to the-some.

    You can sell that on eBay!

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