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Tuesday, August 28, 2007
It is. And that makes me very happy, but more of that later.

"Wait, 'til you hear this. This is priceless...."

First up, WHO-news. Last week's PETER DAVISON story took a new twist as THE SUN revealed that he is returning, but for a CHILDREN IN NEED special penned by STEPHEN MOFFAT - see HERE . Still no real facts as of yet. 'Fact'-wise, RTD told DWM that DT was staying for the whole of S4 (contrary to THE SUN's story earlier this year) - see HERE for confirmation. BERNARD "Remember, I Was A Womble" CRIBBINS is joining the ever-huge cast of the Christmas special - see HERE. You will, of course, remember that he has WHO credentials already, playing a bungling policeman in the 1966 film, DALEK INVASION EARTH 2150AD. Finally, the BBC won channel of the year at the Edinburgh Festival and look at what show got best programme.... HERE!

Reading HEAT means you're gay, fact!

Ok, the aforementioned IT CROWD is back and, by hell, it was flippin' funny. Top marks all round with some real memorable scenes (the reveal of Moss as the barman floored me) and 'catchphrases' (Roy's "I'm disabled"). Jen didn't get much to do, she was just flipped between each character which was refreshing and even NOEL FIELDING was underused yet it was still hilarious. Great to have it back and, even greater, it's funnier than ever. The recent series of STILL GAME came to end and I have to admit that this series, whilst funny, was clearly not as good as the previous five. Time for new (and fresh?) writers perhaps as the characters are as engaging as ever. Annoyingly, as there were a couple funny episodes (for a change), THE NEW ADVENTURES OF OLD CHRISTINE has disappeared from Monday nights. They'd just started season 2, with some real laughs, and now it's gone. Bah! I have written a very stiff letter. On cardboard actually.

This is the US cast of THE IT CROWD, spot the difference.

Life-wise, there have been some interesting developments here at McEwan Towers. I have been up to some work, actual work, which I have kept from you but will now reveal... Actually, it doesn't really deserve that build up. I have been working with a friend of mine, Jamie Laird of JAMJAR MARKETING, on a student guide to the city called "Aberdeen Student Pages". We started back in June (getting advertisers, writing the guide, researching, etc...) and it has now just gone off to print. I kept it a little quiet as I have also been working for the Students' Association and, although there's no conflict of interest (I'm just a hired gun, man), I felt it best not to blab about it while in production (just in case). There will be more on this in September but it has been much fun getting all suited up and going to meet clients and the like. I almost felt like a real person. [Shudders] Interestingly, and I use the word accurately, I made a DVD today for the very first time. It was a safety DVD for a diving company (can't disclose who, sorry - I know you're dying to find out). There was a lot of footage of bad stuff taking place down in the depths of the sea, although it's almost laughable as all the voices are incredibly high pitched (due to the gases) so when someone screams (and someone did when their hand was crushed - it's ok, they didn't die) it's a little bit like a Dalek. Hopefully this will be the start of more DVD making 'cos the money's good. There was a sense of, what's that word...., oh yeah, fulfillment when I stuck the disc into the player and the whole thing worked with the menu and everything. Shucks, I'm growing up. So, for those of you who were wondering (and there were some) that's what I've been up to this summer. Not that exciting but very time-comsuming.

Kris Boyd
An actual photo that isn't copyrighted.

Last week, I went to Pittrodie to watch a friendly game between Scotland and South Africa. And, by buttocks, it was effin' dull. I took a load of pictures, which you can see HERE. Hey! Remember last week's CDW, DAVINA MCCALL? Well I was not alone in my hatred of her - she got heaps of complaints and a BBC news story about it. Ha! Check that you gobby bitch. You can see the story HERE and note how I used the word 'inane' to describe her and they quoted me (well, that word anyway). So, to this week's CDW which is, in fact, a V-BST. You'll have to look back to see what it means. Anyway, it's GILES FIELDER-CIVIL, the father-in-law, of AMY "I'm almost dead..... like Castro" WINEHOUSE, for his remarks that her 'fans' shouldn't buy her records to help her kick drugs. Firstly, her fans will already have her records - that's what make them fans. Secondly, records!!! Get a grip grandad. We don't buy 'records' - we steal them, f**knuckle. Seriously though, is that gonna stop them? If an out-of-work Glaswegian can score, I'm sure those two arseholes can. How about being a good father then that might stop your son from going down a road he may not return from. Don't have a time-machine then? No, well shut the fuck up and stop drawing attention to yourself. As for Mr & Mrs Winehouse do us all a favour and either clean up or check out. And take Pete Doherty with you. The c.

More Slut Juice Miss Spears?

Finally, I was going to share my thoughts on the recent news about OWEN WILSON but taste got the better of me. It's a genuinely sad story, especially for his family and my thoughts go out to them.

'Til the next time
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  • At 12:24 pm, Blogger Misssy M said…

    What a packed post. First of all let me welcome you to the world of corporate video whoring. Satan will along shortly to allow you to perform the necessary (see Bill Hicks for details).

    Secondly Davina was utterly dreadful on the Radio- even more annoying than on TV (but then I'm not counting the hairdye ads). My views on her are well documented in the Misssives and on the new Celeb Litigation Blog. I loved the way even the BBC web journo managed to get in a jibe about her TV show for them being "a flop".

    Thirdly, re the IT Crowd...I didn't like it at first when it was first on, but admit that I laughed out loud throughout Friday's episode. More Richmond needed though. But that's maybe because I am anxious to see Mighty Boosh 3 (currently in post production, I hear).

  • At 8:32 pm, Blogger Cameron McEwan said…

    I'm packing baby!

    I was gonna post an additional blog at the weekend but work got in the way. Corporate whore, that's me. Hopefully there'll be more videos on the way.

    Funnily enough, i wasn't won over by THE IT CROWD 'til near the end of the first series. Then I was won. I think Richmond will be in it more, i think it was just because they were out of the office. which was weird in itself. as for BOOSH 3 , I look forward to it although i didn't think 2 was as good as 1.

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