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Wednesday, September 26, 2007
Long Time No Blog - HERE'S WHY!
I've been busy.

So, not that much has happened in the world of DOCTOR WHO since my lost post. OK, I'll go back a bit. It was FRESHERS' WEEK last week so I have been pretty busy performing and MC-ing as well as selling my new 'product' the ABERDEEN STUDENT PAGES. I'll get to all that later, first up a pick from the, now confirmed, ROME-style episode of WHO filmed in Italy no less.

Will Tate's eruptions be Vesuvius-like?

Pretty sweet I think you'll agree. Casting-wise, PETER CAPALDI is to star in that episode which gets me going in a very big and mature points related fashion. PATRICK STEWART wants in on some WHO action - see HERE. My tickets for HAMLET starring the aforementioned baldie and DAVID TENNANT came through the other day, woo hoo! Only a year to go. THE SARAH JANE ADVENTURES began with a 2-part story involving the SLITHEEN. I must admit, I was a bit sleepy and snoozered through much of it so I will keep my opinions to myself on that show. I love SJS, let's just leave it at that. TORCHWOOD has started in the US and not only gained great reviews but also gave BBC AMERICA its highest ratings ever. What made me laugh was the number of reviews that mentioned how JOHN BARROWMAN was like a young TOM CRUISE - he's only 6 years younger!

Tom Cruise, yesterday.

Elsewhere on TV I haven't really seen much. THE IT CROWD continues in hilarious fashion and I loved the dinner party episode - I think it was called THE DINNER PARTY - which starred the adorable CATHERINE SHEPHERD as RICHMOND's love interest - she was tops, "Oh dear, look at me having an orgasm". GUY GOMA also got referenced when MOSS ended up on BBC NEWS 24 instead of DRAGON'S DEN. Ace! QI has returned in predictably excellent fashion but I do wish they would get better guests. JO BRAND - again!!!?? I mean, come on! Download-wise (in a highly illegal way), there has been a little summin' summin' as 'cool' people in the States now seem to say every 10 minutes with regards to anything vaguely sexual. CURB continues to be great (but not amazing) and I watched the rest of THE OLD ADVENTURES OF NEW CHRISTINE which had its moments. JULIA LOUIS-DREYFUS is always on top form and gives nothing less than 'Elaine' in her performance. THE SIMPSONS returned and they didn't forget about the film, oh no. I won't spoil it but the opening titles are different. There was a hearty guffaw from the young master when a pilot, who was flying a plane that Marge and Homer were on, slumps on the wheel (??!! whatever it is) and reveals that he took some heroin earlier 'cos he didn't think he would be flying that day. FAMILY GUY also returned with an 'hour' (an American hour, ie 42 minutes) special that centered itself on the story of STAR WARS. All the characters from the show take on the characters in the film - STEWIE is VADER; BRIAN is CHEWIE, QUAGMIRE is THREEPIO and all the settings and music were taken from Episode IV. I'm not normally a fan of SW parodies (as I have said before) and this one veered (generally, titter) from good to incredibly obvious and old. Biggest laugh? The FALCON going into hyperspace but it was actually the opening titles from DOCTOR WHO! And TOM BAKER DW at that! The end of the show mentions that ROBOT CHICKEN did it earlier (and better) revealing, perhaps, the makers acceptance that this may not be as cutting edge as they think it is. And, one of the the creators of RC also voices in FG - SETH GREEN. One thing that struck me about it was how faithfully they stuck to the story and images in the film - much of it looks like they rotoscoped the film giving some great space scenes and fab looking ships. I mean great an' all but it ain't that flippin' funny! Anyway, it looks as though next year sees them tackling THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK. Funnier next time please.

Yeah, funny. But not that funny.

Film-wise, nothin'. Actually I went to see a special showing of WITHNAIL & I. It was a digital projection from a cleaned up print and by christ it was good. The room hooted with laughter at "Monty you terribly c**t!". The screen was sold out and there was an interesting demographic at it - young (too young if you ask me, but you didn't), pretty young, middling and old. Great experience. I hope that CINEWORLD keep this up. In other film-news, the SEX AND THE CITY film has started filming - I mean, what the hell is it gonna be about? Women? Babies?? Make-up??? Tampons???? RAYMOND BRIGGS, the chap behind THE SNOWMAN, hates the IRN-BRU ads featuring his creations - see HERE. I'm glad he's spoken out about it 'cos I know I did! They cheapen the whole flavour of Christmas for me and upset me greatly. What makes me sadder is that BRIGGS cannot do anything about it. Poor guy.

Tale as old as time....

So to FRESHERS WEEK. Most of the time I got to bed at 3am and was up 8 the next day. Now, I ain't young, so I was effin' tired by Wednesday. I was also on my feet all day. My summer project had its problems which I won't bore you with but we did well out of it. At the UNION I hosted BEER OR NO BEER (twice), played with my chum RICHARD MILLER under the guise of SCHITZ & GIGGLES (giving the venue its busiest night ever, fact fans) and did the quiz (ah the memories). ABERDEEN STUDENT RADIO recorded the show but, due to a 'technical difficulty' (hem hem) they only managed to get 1 and a half songs out of the 3 hours and 40 minutes (non-stop mind!) of the gig. We did an interview for them too which was broadcast but I didn't get to hear it. The station launched earlier this week - you can hear it HERE - and I also DJ'd at the launch party which was much fun. Today (Thursday 27th) sees me hit the airwaves at 4pm with my first show. Tune in and dinkle out!

Why was it hard for the geometry teacher to walk?
She broke her angle


'Til the next time,
posted by Cameron McEwan at 8:36 pm -
  • At 5:31 pm, Blogger RandomPinkness said…

    I saw a comment on Misssy's blog I thought to myself, that fella looks just like our quizmaster... So off I trot, turn's out that fella is our quizmaster, 'tis a small world and all that, will we get extra points next week if I tell you how wonderful your blog is? Well I like it, and think it's wonderful anyway, I am heartily jealous of you getting see Patrick Stewart in Hamlet, my best friend is going to see him in Macbeth in a few weeks too. I may have actually now turned green with envy.

  • At 5:48 pm, Blogger Cameron McEwan said…

    What Ho!
    Welcome fellow blogger. It is, as you so correctly say, a 'small world'.

    Thanks for your kind remarks about my blog (even though there was a hidden agenda). As a reward, I will let you know that there will be a STAR TREK round this Tuesday.


    PS. Good luck with that envy !<...smiles smugly to himself...>

  • At 5:40 pm, Blogger RandomPinkness said…

    Why thank you my dear, Star trek you say? I think there will be worryingly little revision needed, unfortunately we *are* that geeky, now I've said that we're going to do terribly. And I didn't really try to hide the agenda did I now? See you on Tuesday, and thankyou for your comment on my blog too :)


  • At 5:58 pm, Blogger Cameron McEwan said…

    They're my favourites!

    If you haven't seen it, the league table can be found HERE.

    It has not been updated for this week yet, that will probably happen tomorrow. Unlike the "Batman & Robbie" website, I don't actually upload the info.

    I think there's some teams that have been using different names, if you guys are one of them then feel free to let me know.

    Happy National Poetry Day,

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