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Monday, September 10, 2007
"My Face And An Egg Were In Alignment"
THE IT CROWD wins again for quote of the week but first up, for a change, here's the new title and logo of the new INDY film.....

In the world of DR WHO, there's been some events, actually I wouldn't call them events. Some stuff has been going on. In 'actual' news, the show won two gongs at the TV QUICK awards last week - see HERE. At the ceremony DAVEY T revealed that he's filming four specials next year and, if you remember correctly, the statement from the BEEB suggested there would be only three. Now I assumed that the three would include the Xmas special but perhaps not! Maybe we are getting the Xmas episode along with more. Either that or DT effed up. Speaking of him, he's to star in the Xmas special of EXTRAS. Seemingly, GERVAIS plays an alien in the show. Lastly, the rumour-mill has been slow, but it would appear that DANIEL "Nothing to see here, move along" RADCLIFFE is the favourite to play the next Doctor - see HERE. I flippin' doubt it. I mean, come on, he couldn't even wear a pair of glasses convincingly.

Looks like Catherine Tate has finally got to him...

TV-wise, THE IT CROWD was, again, the highlight. Last week I forgot to show of my geekyness by telling you, though I'm sure you already knew, that SILAS "I was an Ood and Ki-Adi Mundi, you know" CARSON played the boss that never was. Damn good he was too. Anyway, this week's saw the crazies back in the office which was nice. MOSS was on top form and JEN got a lot to do while looking rather hot as an Eastern European. To have a sitcom about a German cannibal was genuis - take note NOT GOING OUT and AFTER YOU'VE GONE (shivers with disgust). Highlight was definitely the opening spoof on DVD privacy (voiced by DARTH MAUL himself) which I always thought was ripe for satire. If you are a 'pirate' (or 'Knock-Off Nigel' I think is the PC term) of course you're gonna steal a car. Or anything. They're criminals! Nearly up for quote of the week was SAXONDALE (it was on while I was doing the dishes) when I heard the question "What's wrong with James Blunt?" I replied (I often talk to the telly) "How long have you got?" which carbon-copied Coogan's "We don't have the time". I got a bit more respect for the Blunt this week, check out what he said HERE. He deserves a kicking and he knows it, priceless! Download-wise, CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASM is back and as funny as evah! Yes, I just typed 'evah'. There was a big black cock in it, here it is.....

And just to prove that still is actually from CURB, here's another shot of it with Larr.

"I ate that!"

Film-wise, I caught a couple of movies last week. First up was HALLAM FOE starring JAMIE "I'm An Oedipal Batman" BELL and SOPHIA "Mrs Davy T" MYLES. Now, that was a film. Great from start to finish. Disturbing and shocking in parts but heartfelt and often funny too. As a Scot (note, not a proud one), I was particularly impressed with the accents, stout work cast. The camerwork was superb and Edinburgh looked tip top and the countryside was notably gritty and unglamourous. Mr Bell could well be up for an Oscar, and deservedly so. Not as groundbreaking but still worthy was RUN FATBOY RUN. Incredibly predictable and schmaltzy but also genuinely laughmaking. Top marks to PEGG, again playing a bit of a prick (to start with at least), and DYLAN MORAN for displaying actual comedic abilities despite the poor direction from DAVID SCHWIMMER. There are a lot of problems with the film but they are more than outweighed by the positive vibe from the performances. Lots of great physical stuff going on and Mr HANK AZARIA, I salute your beautiful body.

How can DAVEY T look at her now? Durty B!

Music now and last week saw the abortion that was THE MERCURY PRIZE. Now, I don't buy into that sh*t but I was curious to see if AMY WINEHOUSE would turn up and play. She did. Yawn. What did get me was the lousy performance by THE YOUNG KNIVES whose members appeared to be playing different songs at the same time. ADRIAN EDMONDSON was clearly pissed and said what ever came into his effin' head - which wasn't much. Why have a comedian, who was passed it before HUEY LEWIS & THE NEWS had their first UK hit, discuss music? Lastly, what really got me was a comment by some slutbag, granted a talented slutbag, from BATS FOR LASHES. The only slutbag. She said it was 'brave' of FIONN REGAN to do what he did. Now why, you patronising C, would it be 'brave' of him to do that? To get up on stage and play a song he has written, probably a number of times? That's what he's been doing for years! For years in front of bigger crowds! That is not 'brave', that is c*cking normal you tart! 'Brave' would have been him getting together with a hip-hop act playing a song that he had never heard before. What a carwash C! And so, she is this week's CDW.


I actually paid money for the CANDIE PAYNE album "I Wish I Could Have Loved You More" which is tippity top - worth it for the title track alone. I checked out the FIONN REGAN album "The End Of History" and enjoyed most of it but it got a bit wearing after the first half. Disappointment also came in the form of the RICHARD HAWLEY release "Lady's Bridge" but joy was to be found in the new one from THE PROCLAIMERS, "Life With You". I'm not normally (slash evah) a fan of them but this has got some top tunes on it. Similarly, "Hey Venus" from the SUPER FURRY ANIMALS was also excellent. Finally, poor Ms SPEARS. I think enough has been said about her MTV performance yesterday which, at best, was embarrassing. It looked like one of these tv shows where they show you how to do something once and then you have to re-enact it. She couldn't even lip-synch or even walk convincingly! Poor thing! Anyway, here's a picture of her ass.


Instead of ending on a joke, I'll give you a laugh in another way. The following clip is me performing in 1987, I had just turned 14. Bless.


'Til the next time,
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  • At 12:34 am, Blogger Sloan Kelly said…

    Is it me or does Celine look like the NS-5 from I, Robot in that shot?

  • At 9:55 am, Blogger Cameron McEwan said…

    Ha ha!

    She flippin' does. The lighting is even reminiscent of the film.

    It's a pity she isn't as human....

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