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Monday, October 15, 2007
DALEK SLIPPERS? I flippin' love 'em!
You heard, see here:

Pair Of Dalek Slippers
And they're effin' comfy!

So, what's the 411 on DOCTOR WHO this week? Well, SARAH "The Media Will Always Mention Corrie In Reference To Me" LANCASHIRE has joined the cast of the first episode which is currently being filmed (although it's actually the fourth episode the WHO crew have filmed so far) - see HERE.

The Sun's 'hilarious' take on the recent casting.

Rumour-wise, the PETER "Not Just Known For Being In Doctor Who, You Know" DAVISON story has reared its head again with THIS amusing piece in THE SUN. The conclusion to last week's (or today's depending on which channel you watched it on) SARAH JANE ADVENTURES was not as good as the excellent first part but was still very good. I still flippin' love her and LIS SLADEN is effervescent as ever. Long may it continue.

Lovely Lis with her sonic lipstick - no, really.

Elsewhere on TV, LOUIS THEROUX was back but, yet again, his antics fell well short of his former glories. His documentary concerned cosmetic surgery and contained nothing new on the subject with only his own surgery being filmed, whilst he was talking to the camera, being the highlight. Poor work. Poor by his standards and by others. It was also obvious that he had no love for the topic and was clearly uninterested. HAVE I GOT NEWS FOR YOU? was also back with the rather excellent KIRSTY YOUNG in the hotseat. Highlight of the show came in a clip that showed ARNIE whispering "He's fumbling all over the place" whilst BORIS JOHNSON bumbled his way through a speech. When you get criticised by that numb-nut kisser, then something is wrong. Still, I do love big BORIS though. I'm trying to get the word "knockers" (a synonym for 'breasts' - in case you were wondering) into the general vernacular and was somewhat perturbed to hear ROSS NOBLE use the phrase on that show. I got there first you B! And I have witnesses! Tell you who's got nice knockers, NIGELLA LAWSON.


I have been, incredibly you are no doubt imagining, watching her show NIGELLA'S EXPRESS. Normally, I'm not the one watching it but I have it on when I'm writing the 'ole blog or doing reading for the next day (Tuesday is a big day at Uni - 9 'til 4!). Recently, however, I have stopped all activities just to watch her wonky-eyed goodness. She is incredbly seductive, especially as I have no clue what the flip she is going on about. Did she really demonstrate how to make a packed lunch? Possibly. But my arousal got in the way. My fave word she says is "doddle". Hhhmm, yum. DRAGON'S DEN is back! Sadly, tiny Aussie RICHARD FARLEIGH is no longer there which is a pity 'cos I liked that little guy. No great shocks in the first episode although PETER "How Tall Am I?" JONES did say, "I'm seriously good looking and I'm wealthy". Nice.

He's got his knockers too.

Download-wise, THE OFFICE made me gargle with joy. It's just sooo good this year with ANGELA getting a lot of great lines and action alongside PAM and JIM who are also getting some very neat and clever stuff considering what's happened between them. Season 2 of HEROES rumbles on and I will avoid any plot points as I am aware the first season ain't finished on BBC2 yet. I cannot begin to convey to you, dear reader, how effin' offensive the last episode I watched was. The dialogue has got noticably worse (a beef I had with the first season) and incredibly mundane. If you are Irish I would suggest you do not watch some of these episodes, as there are some disgusting Hollywood style gaffs and homogeneous presumptions going on. Biggest larf came in the form of a tattoo that was some guy's family 'crest' - it looked like the design of an arsingly cheap trinket from Ortak. And the accents? Christ. Still, SYLAR is gonna be SPOCK alongside SIMON PEGG in the new STAR TREK film, see HERE.

He used to lurve STAR WARS, you know.

In other film news, you can see an interesting interview with STEVEN SPIELBERG, mainly regarding the next INDIANA JONES film (some info on TIN TIN though), HERE. Radio-wise, NOEL FIELDING joined RUSSELL BRAND on his show and it was a flippin' great combo. Catch out the free podcast on iTunes. And so to this week's CDW. A tough one. Here's pic of SPEARS to get you going.

Her new song is called 'Gimme More' - how apt.

But it ain't her this week, check out AMY WINELIST. I would say poor cow but that would suggest that her unfortunate lifestyle was not her fault. It is.

Pay attention to the eyes. Hey, I'm not judging (expect I am).

What do you call a clairvoyant midget who escaped from prison?
A small medium at large.


'Til the next time,
posted by Cameron McEwan at 9:13 pm -
  • At 10:24 am, Blogger RandomPinkness said…

    Those slippers are rather fetching, we thought Simon Pegg would be a quite good Scotty, well we just love Simon Pegg, though there seems to be a bit of controversy over it, possibly because he's a southern pansy?

    By the way we managed to get £80 worth of wii games for £16 thanks to the vouchers, well and an offer... and student discount. We've been playing Mortal Kombat excessively, it fair rocks.

  • At 12:05 am, Blogger Cameron McEwan said…

    Agreed, Pegg will be great. Not sure how much he'll be in it but full marks to him for getting the part.

    Mortal Kombat? I have no idea what that is but I can only assume it's some sorta fighting game.

    If it ain't Monkey Ball, I don't get it!

  • At 8:28 am, Blogger RandomPinkness said…

    Ok thats quite spooky Monkey Ball was the other game we got :-S this has also proved hilarious as we are all absolutely rubbish at the mini games and despite the instructions normally spend the first minute working out how to play, I'm not even going to go into how long the ring toss took.

  • At 7:56 pm, Blogger Misssy M said…

    AT last, Winehouse wins CDW! Hip hip Hooray. Or as she would say, "Cheers! BTW have you seen where I left me smack?"

  • At 11:33 am, Blogger Cameron McEwan said…

    Pinkness - One of the things I loved 'bout MONKEYBALL was the fact that instructions weren't needed. Maybe they've changed it 'cos there was no 'ring toss' in my day.

    Missy - It's been a long time coming for Winelist and I note, with interest, that she got fined in Bergen for drug possession yesterday. Silly cow!

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