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Tuesday, December 18, 2007
Yup, they're all back. But more of them later.

"You look good for 903, give us a cuddle!" Her words, not mine.

First up, as always, some WHO-scuttle. Check out THIS terribly researched story from THE SUN, apparently JENNIFER SAUNDERS is gonna be 'Dr Who'. This would be, according to them, the first female Time-Lord ever. Well, journo, you may want to check out the companion ROMANA who stayed with The Doctor for two and a half series. Or perhaps THE INQUISITOR. How 'bout CHANCELLOR FLAVIA? Or how about his first ever companion (on television anyway) SUSAN? Granted, we ain't got an effin' clue if she is or not (it's a contentious issue), but still consider her! As I stated previously, I'm keeping away from gossip about VOYAGE OF THE DAMNED (to keep it all nice and fresh), but you can catch a new, and rather saucy, trailer on the OFFICIAL Beeb site. Nice interaction there guys! DAVEY T is on TOP GEAR this Sunday, so I'll have to quieten my hatred of cars for a while.

The guy on the right is called 'The Stig', high-larious!

THE RICHES came to an unexpected end (unexpected 'cos I didn't realise they were doing a double-bill finale!) and an interesting one at that. I've enjoyed it so far and I look forward to the next season, if it ever happens. Come on Hollywood, just give the writers what they flippin' want. They create the 'magic', you do not! RICHARD MADELEY presented HAVE I GOT NEWS FOR YOU? and did an amusing job, although it would be fair to say that PAUL MERTON, as always, was the catalyst behind the mirth and merriement. He's still got it after all these years. DUFFMAN said the following to MARGE in the most recent episode (in the US) of THE SIMPSONS: "I am giving it to your wife. She is gonna be sore tomorrow". Cripes! What else, oh yeah.... EXTRAS.

Fans of the show may not want to read the following paragraph...

For those of you who have not seen it (most of the UK), you need not worry as I won't mention any specific plot points (such as they are) in this 'review'. I have been a big fan of EXTRAS so I find it hard to hide my disappointment at such a bleak, laugh-free finale. It was an 80 minute (or so) special but during that time I laughed out loud twice. Twice! I LOL more than that at DRAGON'S DEN for eff's sake! What do I think is wrong with it? It's not particularly funny due to that fact that GERVAIS and MERCHANT are trying to tell a story, and not tell jokes. They seem to be making a statement, about the state of the world of celebrity (yawn), as opposed to making us laugh. There's nothing new either (not that there has to be) and it all feels like a retread, especially the ending. I felt the second season ended perfectly and this seems like an unnecessary addendum. One of the things that I loved about the show was the interaction between the 'stars' and the cast but that doesn't really happen here, with the exception of an hilarious scene with CLIVE OWEN and a not-quite-as-funny scene with GEORGE MICHAEL. This special focuses on the 'relationship' between Andy and .... [thinks, tries to remember Ashley Jensen's character name. Looks up IMDB] ... that's it, Maggie. It's not rubbish and it's well worth a watch but it's just not as good as any of the other episodes. One point that grated with me slightly was the references to US culture including: Kramer, Sanjay, Ryan Seacrest and an obscure reference to Sigourney Weaver and DirecTV (A reference that I had to do some research on, and, after said research, decided wasn't funny). Was he making a point about Andy or was Ricky pandering to his American audience? They did get to see it first after all.....

What's this?

Film-wise, it's been a good 'ole couple of days. First up, TIM BURTON'S THE NIGHTMARE BEFORE CHRISTMAS IN 3-D. Oh, hearty congrats to Timmy B and HELENA BONHAM CARTER who have just had another child, well done guys. Anyway, seeing JACK SKELLINGTON back on the big screen was a real thrill. I lurve seeing films that I'm overly familiar with in the cinema; it all looks so much better (the digital projector helped there); and you fell like you're watching something new because of all the detail you cannot pick up on the small screen. I will say, however, the film did not utilise the 3-D that well but that's a minor point.

Yup, that is MJ, check out his mad face!

Up next was the aforementioned return of WES ANDERSON, a filmmaker who I greatly admire. I'm gonna ignore the rather pretentious HEMMINGWAY wannabe short that was HOTEL CHEVALIER (presented before the main feature) and concentrate on the film itself, THE DARJEELING LIMITED. As always, his use of colour, soundtrack and camera are sublime and fits in with his 'cinema world', or body of work, so far - a negative point for some (not me though!). The three leads worked very well together and were incredibly convincing as disaffected brothers with some terrific, and rather touching, dialogue. Top marks again WES. Lastly, in this week's films, BEE MOVIE. I wasn't expecting much, even though I am a huge fan of JERRY SEINFELD, but I was more than pleasantly surprised. Very pleasantly surprised. Right from the get-go the world of the Bees was nicely realised, especially through the main Bees played by Jer and MATHEW BRODERICK, and the pace compliments this as the filmmakers waste no time in getting the story on the go. I was chuckling and LOLing throughout and couldn't remember when I had laughed so much at a movie. This is probably DREAMWORKS best since SHREK II so well done guys. In many ways it is the antithesis of what they do. BEE MOVIE is quite a humble little thing that just delivers laughs and not an obvious marketing campaign.

Never date a tennis player, love means nothing to them...

See HERE for some trouser-stain-making news on the film version of THE HOBBIT. That book was THE book if you ask me (which you didn't but I'm telling you anyway), not those other ones. They're doing it in two parts which is great 'cos it means they'll get it all in, and it's a story worth telling. Gripping from start to finish and, unlike its 'more-liked' brothers, there's more room for the characters. Can't wait. Cannot wait for THIS either. Ace!

He looks pissed at that last 'joke'.

WINELIST, you glorious cow, you've done it again - see HERE.

Where's she getting a Creme Egg at this time of year?

'Til the next time,

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