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Thursday, January 03, 2008
2007 REVIEW: Part 4 - Films
This year's been a bit odd, movie-wise, for me. Normally I would be going to the cinema 2 or 3 times a week but this year was not like that. In fact, there was a three month movie drought, not because of the quality of films but due to time. And not enough of it. So I missed quite a lot at the flicks and am trying to catch up. I've got about 50 films downloaded from this year alone so I may amend this list as time goes on. All of the films are 2007 releases in the UK but some of them, you will notice, were released in 2006 in the States (bastids!) and have already been lauded at various award ceremonies. So, here we go.

2007 TOP 10 FILMS

Talk about easy to please! Give me some Eighties music (although it isn't really); stick HUGE GRUNT and PHEW BARRYMORE!MORE!MORE! in it; make a romcom; keep it in at about 90 minutes; sprinkle with some laughs and I'm as happy as a sand boy. One of the few films this year I've watched more than once. I know, and I'm meant to be a Film student!

Who gives a flakey biscuit if it's historically accurate or not? It ain't a flippin' documentary. MEL "Insert Jew-Hate Gag Here" GIBSON directs this number very tightly and keeps it going, surprisingly, all the way. It looked beautiful too and the cast, although I couldn't understand a word of what they were saying (yes, I know there were subtitles), were very sympathetic. A very simple story told very simply. And very well.

A tad grim but the performances of BLANCHETT and DENCH were sublime and I feel the latter should have been awarded the OSCAR and not whats-her-name that played whats-her-face in THE QUEEN. Not one to watch on a Saturday night and, to be frank, I'm not overly keen on seeing it again.

Not the greatest story but a very enjoyable one, mainly thanks to the dynamic duo of WHITAKER and MCAVOY. Vibrant and incredibly amusing at times despite the rather horrific scenes that pop-up. Interestingly, and I use the word in its past tense, nobody piped up that this film was not historically accurate. Hypocrites!

A little film that seemed to pass everyone by. The critics focused on O'TOOLE but full marks are to be given to the delightful performance by newcomer JODIE WHITTAKER - innocent and filthy (astonishingly so) at the same time. The rest of the old bastids in the cast were tremendous to watch too.


Huzzah for PEGG and WRIGHT again! Just as good as SHAUN OF THE DEAD and also suffering from the only negative point I have about both films - overly long in the third act. If they had trimmed about 10 minutes those crazies could have had the poyfekt movie. Still, there's always next time guys...

ANDERSON does it again with a more subtle tale than his previous and also less lauded. It does suffer from his usual traits (self indulgence, namely) but I love it nonetheless. Super colours, super sounds, super movie. And bloody funny too. And a bit sad also. There, that's about it. I reviewed it recently, so you can read that HERE.

I reviewed this one recently too, you can read that HERE. Needless to say, this film bowled me over. Unmissable.


This one came out of nowhere! Well, that's not true. It came out of a film studio but it felt like it just drifted onto the screen. Unassuming and unnerving all at once. One reviewer said, "[Hallam Foe] ... is a bit like BATMAN meet OEDIPUS" and never a truer word was spake. This is a great British movie. F**k off BEAN!


Well, it had to be. One of the greats was brought back to our screens all cleaned up with some of those pesky technical issues fixed (visible wires, wrong dialogue, obvious use of body doubles, dove flying into clear sky and that's just the ones that come to mind). Still stunning and gripping, RIDLEY packs a punch like no one has since and people are still trying to copy it. If you get the DVD set, there's an amazing documentary called DANGEROUS DAYS which tells you everything you need to know (about the film, not life).

Feel free to comment on my Top Tens and post your own. I'd love to know what you guys & gals lurve too!

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posted by Cameron McEwan at 5:01 pm -
  • At 5:36 am, Blogger Richard Starkings said…

    I'm forced to agree with you on your choice for best film of 2007 -- even at 25 years old, BLADE RUNNER looked like it was made yesterday. I hope you got to see it in a theater, the print was just amazing.

    The rest of my Top 10 -- RATATOUILLE, 300 and LAST KING OF SCOTLAND (wasn't that 2006?) were the films I saw that I liked... but I have three kids, so I mostly got to see ho-hum kids' films so I won't know of any more good films until i've caught up with them on DVD!

  • At 10:56 am, Blogger Cameron McEwan said…

    Sadly, I didn't get to see THE FINAL CUT in a cinema. I found out it was showing the day after it finished, bah! Hopefully it'll be back again. I've see the Director's Cut a number of times on the big screen which was an experience in itself. Although the last time I saw it the print had deteriorated somewhat and the quality was quite poor.

    LAST KING OF SCOTLAND was a 2007 release in the UK but I believe it was 2006 in the US as it got OSCAR nods.

    I'm still catching up on last year. Just caught SUPERBAD, which I found surprisingly funny; 3:10 TO YUMA - very good, a contender for the 10; STARDUST - quite good in an Eighties 'Krull' sort of way; DEATH PROOF - very disappointing; and ENCHANTED - supremely satisfying. I'll be giving this one a bigger nod in my next blog, so impressed by it I was.

    300 is also on my to-watch list.

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