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Monday, January 07, 2008
Oops, She Did It Again!
I'll come to the SPEARS' and her antics later but first, as always, some WHO-scuttle. Erm, there's nothing happening. They must be on holiday or summin'! The lovely FREEMA has a show on RADIO 1 and delivered some 'interesting' facts about the upcoming SERIES 4.

I bet she does!

In an interview with DOCTOR WHO producer, PHIL COLLINSON (who inadvertently revealed he's leaving the show in the commentary for the Christmas Special), we got treated to the news that: BILLIE is coming back (we know!); CATHERINE TATE is in it (we know!); there's an alien called THE HATH or HAFF (also stated in the aforementioned commentary) who blow bubbles; and little guys called THE ADIPOSE who turn up in the first episode, PARTNERS IN CRIME.

Billie Fox sounds like a porn actress name.

Little Miss PIPER got married on New Year's Eve to LAURENCE "Sidekick To A Sidekick" FOX, she truly is, erm, a fox? Go HERE for the 411 on that. Check out how grubby her ex, CHRIS EVANS, looks compared to all the other guests. Filthy bastid! AND he's got his hands in his pockets!

DAVEY T appeared with EMILIA FOX (left of Eddy Fox) in what show fact fans?

DAVEY T popped up alongside JOHN "Am I Coming Back To Who?" SIMM in JOOLS HOLLAND'S HOOTENANNY dancing to artists as 'diverse' as MADNESS, KAISER CHIEFS and PAUL MCCARTNEY. The WHO-links don't stop there. KYLIE sang with MACCA doing a top version of last year's ditty, "Dance Tonight". It was funny to see an audience made up entirely of 'celebs' getting hammered but genuinely having a good time. The aforementioned JOHNNY S seems to be in love with SUGGS & CO. Quite right too, a perfect NYE band.

DAVEY T gets Kaiser Chiefed.

On the same night STILL GAME did another seasonal special but was incredibly disappointing so I won't dwell on it. The yearly fixture of C4's BIG FAT QUIZ OF THE YEAR delivered, as always, with RUSSELL BRAND and NOEL FIELDING pairing up again to much laughter. Chorltes ensued thanks to DAVID "How Come I Never Do Panel Shows With Webb?" MITCHELL too. Also LOL-worthy were the short appearances from newsreader JOHN SNOW, reading a new story about RIHANNA's "Umbrella", and JOHN "I Hate George Lucas" HURT who read out extracts from 'autobiographies' including PETER ANDRE. Stout work. BRAND mentioned on his radio show that his recent autobiography, MY BOOKY WOOK, is to make it onto the big screen directed by MICHAEL "I Once Did An Episode of 'BOON', No Really!" WINTERBOTTOM.

Nit-picking anyone?

Film-wise, I have been doing a lot of watching. On the small screen I finally got to see 3:10 TO YUMA, SUPERBAD, STARDUST and DEATH PROOF. I'll start with the TARRANTINO flick first and this is the first time that I have not seen one of his films in the cinema within the first week of release (and the includes 'RESERVOIR DOGS' fact-fans). That aside, I was terribly disappointed with this boated piece of self-indulgence. I know it was mean to be ironic/pastiche/et al but that does not excuse it. I am a huge fan of his, just recently re-watched both KILL BILLs and JACKIE BROWN (adore them all) and hope that this is not indicative of his future direction. STAR DUST was pretty good up until a point which came about 20 minutes or so towards the end. I was surprised, and heartened, that it started so slow (not a bad thing) and CLAIRE "How Hot Am I?" DANES does a bloody good English accent but, overall, the movie was not particularly memorable and the less said about ROBERT DE NIRO's 'gay' the better. It was a great cast though, especially all the dead princes.

Rhumba, snort!

After KNOCKED UP, which I did not like at all, I didn't hold out much hope for SUPERBAD but how wrong was I? Lots of laughs and some top acting from the 'kids' especially MICHAEL "Glad To See That 'ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT' Was Not The Only Thing He'll Ever Do" CERA. It had a very JOHN HUGHESY feel about too which I appreciated. This is a possible contender for last year's Top 10 as is 3:10 TO YUMA. Handsome man CHRISTIAN BALE delivers another fine, if slightly repetitive, performance but RUSSELL CROWE does it again. Up until last year I was not a fan of his but I greatly enjoyed him in AMERICAN GANGSTER and here he plays the part of a bastid with some applomb. The film itself looked the part and the direction was tight and, like the JESSE JAMES film, adds to the worthy canon of recent 'Cowboy' flicks - although I do like to avoid any dialogue concerned with 'genre-studies' as I find it reductive to say the least. Cripes, what happened there?

First pic from THE INCREDIBLE HULK, hasn't ERIC BANA changed?

Big-screen time now, and first up is I AM LEGEND. The first hour or so is breathtaking and the suspense is ramped up to the extreme but the denouement is both risible and inexplicable. It deviates wildly from the book so watch out book fans! The CGI creatures are poor and I cannot help but wonder why they didn't decide to make them actual humans a la 28 DAYS LATER as opposed to the Hogwarts-inspired 'monsters' we see onscreen. The suspense is somewhat ruined by their appearances. Ironically the CGI of a deserted Manhattan (though how it got so overrun with foliage in three years is a bit of a mystery) is probably some of the best CGI work I've seen. Big WILLY carries it very well (even though he didn't do a zombie song at the end) but such a bleak story shouldn't really be about a 'hero'. This could have been a perfect film but it falls remarkably short despite the promising first half. Last word - much guffaws from me when I saw a banner advertising BATMAN VS SUPERMAN in Times Square, see below. Like that's ever gonna happen...

Not bloody likely!

Next up, ST TRINIANS. I was never a fan of these films as a lad and this remake does nothing for my male sensibilities and, if anything, it seems to encourage young, and I mean young, girls to dress like sluts and act like selfish little cows (don't worry, I'm getting to the Britney Spears story). I think I laughed once when COLIN FIRTH is directly referred to as an actor (if you don't know, he plays a character in the film). And, WTF were GIRLS ALOUD doing in it? Aren't they, like, you know, old? Finally, ENCHANTED and by horns of Beelzebub, I was!

WARNING: She uses animals to scrub toilets.

Not since BEAUTY & THE BEAST have I felt like weeping for joy openly in a cinema. Full marks to AMY "I Was In Episodes Of 'THE OFFICE' Don'tcha Know" ADAMS who plays the part of a two-dimensional character with such gusto that many other actors should be wondering how their 'fully-rounded' characters seem so painfully thin. I dearly hope she gets some kind of recognition for her most memorable role. Top marks to ALAN "Beauty & The Beast" MENKEN for songs so memorable that when I got home I paid actual money to download! And I'm listeing to them now. Sturdy handshakes to JAMES "What Did I Do In X-Men Again?" MARSDEN and TIMOTHY "Noticeable English Teeth" SPALL for delivering performances that hit the spot. My only niggle is that the animated sequences were rather poorly done and look pre-BEAUTY (at best) but that is a small point. Finally, I think DISNEY should be congratulated for deconstructing, so expertly, a genre that they themselves created. I'm just annoyed that I didn't go to see this one sooner.

Looks like it's curtains for Amy Adams.

Finally, this year's first CDW Of The Week goes to long-time CDWer BRITNEY. Click HERE for the story, in case you haven't heard. At this point there seems to be some debate about what actually happened. Did she lock her kids in the bathroom with her? Did she call K-FED and threaten to kill them? Did she actually speak to DR PHIL? One thing's for sure, she got out of hospital fairly quickly and then started driving about again looking for attention. This girl needs real help. But, until then, here she is in all her effed up glory!

Remember her song, "Crazy"?

'Til the next time,

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