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Friday, January 25, 2008
Eff me!

I lurve this woman.

LIS "I Am A Goddess" SLADEN has revealed in an interview that THE SARAH JANE ADVENTURES will be back for a second series but this time there will be 24 episodes! That's over double last year's lot! Blimey, I cannot wait. Oh yeah, and she also mentioned something about [murmur] DOCTOR WHO [/murmur]. You can read it HERE but, beware, there be spoilers! Although I'm sure they'll be announced by the BEEB soon enough. There's also some very exciting casting news from the STEVEN "Do No Wrong" MOFFAT two-parter coming up later this year. Here they are:

How seductive! She's not bad either.

Yup, it's ALEX "A Poor Man's TRACEY-ANN OBERMAN" KINGSTON and COLIN "Remember Me In ALIEN VS PREDATOR? No??" SALMON (he's the one on the right) who will appear together in a story that includes an 'abandoned library' see the full story HERE. Exciting! The DAILY STAR has regurgitated the 'companion-fest finale' that THE SUN reported some time ago - see HERE.

This was a good explosion.

TV-wise, TORCHWOOD delivered another good episode but this time it was a bit more measured. The pacing was quite pleasant although it did get a bit crazy towards the explosive finale. There were the usual points that bugged me a little with the speedier pace in the second-half denying a full explanation as to what was going on. Good moment though when the 'guy' was asked when his chums were coming - he said, "They're already here". Nice! Also nice was the arm effect going on with the, erm, 'bad guys'. It was written by JAMES "Seen SEVERANCE? No? Well I Wrote That" MORAN who was given a WHO script for the upcoming series due its high quality. Can't say that I thought the script was particularly outstanding and the story itself is an old one too. Still, most enjoyable nonetheless.

The DR WHO budget gets cut again.

Elsewhere in TV Land, MOVING WALLPAPER got stale (and by that I mean unfunny) rather quickly with no laughs in third or fourth episodes. I'll give it one more then that's it - I'm outta there. AMERICAN IDOL was satisfying although the episodes were only an hour each, bah! BUZZCOCKS also delivered pleasingly with JAMES "I Was In SPACED Don'tcha Know" LANCE getting a lot of attention from AMSTELL. Interestingly, UKTV DRAMA has been screening 'classic' WHO at tea-time which has been a welcome treat. They've started with TOM "I Bet He Hates Peter Davison" BAKER but, inexplicably, have omitted certain stories. Anyway, this week saw one of my favourites, TERROR OF THE ZYGONS. Great stuff. To make up for all the ugmo pictures in the last post, here's are some 'beautiful' people:

You think someone would've cleared the glasses!

Actually, to balance it up, here are some pictures of men not at their best. First up, the narrator's narrator, MORGAN "Deep Impact" FREEMAN.

Why's he shocked? He's just seen Shatner [see below].

You may be thinking, "Hey Cam, he don't look so bad!" Well, you obviously ain't looking at his ears. Don't worry though, it gets better. Next up, JAMIE "Ladies Man" THEAKSTON.

He's just pumped a CDW!

Pretty bad but not awful, agreed - that's still to come. For this next pic I'll reign it in a little with the always 'delightful' JACK "I'm Pretty Sure It Touched Your Kids" BLACK.

It's getting bad when your T-Shirt is the joke.

No, I don't like his hair either. And he could have ironed that T-Shirt. Or got someone to do it for him. Lastly in my occasional look at "Famous Men Lookin' Like Sh*t", here's the best - it's only flippin' WILLIAM "James Spader In A Few Years" SHATNER!

No wonder they don't want him in the upcoming STAR TREK flick!

Speaking of films, my catch~up of 2007 continues. First up, SHOPGIRL although I think it was actually 2006 but you get the idea. CLAIRE "Ooo, You Saucy Cow" DANES continues to beguile me with her beauty and does some top acting which is more than can be said for her co~stars. Well worth a watch though. DEATH AT A FUNERAL provided no laughs whatsoever and served only to ask the question: "DAISY DONOVAN, what happened to you?" Also laugh (as well interest)-free was REIGN OVER ME which I will not waste any time over except to say, "ADAM SANDLER, you are a pr*ck!". Which is annoying 'cos he was so good on PUNCH DRUNK LOVE. Lastly I caught JUNO which I don't think has been released here yet so I'll lay off anything 'spoiler-ish'. It's not as funny (or original or edgy) as people would have you believe. It has all the tenets of the indie film - uber cool cast and even 'cooler' soundtrack (all achingly hip acoustic angst, though it was nice to hear BELLE & SEBASTIAN) but, like KNOCKED UP, it's surprisingly mainstream. ELLEN "Is She Too Young To Do A Sex Gag About?" PAGE is fab in it and has rightly been awarded an OSCAR nod. If you remember, I flagged her abilities up quite sometime ago in THIS post from the summer of '06. Also charming was MICHAEL "Milk It While You Can" CERA who was reunited with his onscreen ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT dad, JASON "Teen Wolf Too" BATEMAN. What surprised me most is that those effers at the OSCARS have given this a best director nod - overlooking both SWEENEY TODD and THE ASSASSINATION OF JESSE JAMES etc... F**king idiots!

Speaking of idiots.

Life-wise, I had an exam this week. It was for English and guess what? There was a spelling mistake on the effin' question paper! I know! They managed to spell "dramatic" incorrectly, they used the more informal, "dramamtic". I let the course convener (who happened to be invigilating) know this at the end of the exam which I then immediately regretted as that guy will probably be marking my paper. D'oh! Still, it should be my last English exam as I have transferred to Film exclusively. In other 'life' news, which is rare for this blog (as you know), I got a 'comic' today, check it:

I'm not normally a comic-buyer but this was a special moment. That particular bit of literature was created by blog~reader and commenter RICHARD STARKINGS who is based in the US. I haven't told him I bought it so this will hopefully be a nice surprise for him. Mind you, he's been producing them for a while so I doubt that my contribution to his Empire will make much difference. If any other readers have anything up for purchase, I am happy to support those who support me, then make sure it's nice and cheap like the 'comic'. Only £2, bargain!

'Til the next time,

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posted by Cameron McEwan at 6:32 pm -
  • At 4:01 am, Blogger Richard Starkings said…

    It's as if you KNEW it was my birfday!

    Thanks for the support, Cam! Nice to be sandwiched between old timer Stallone and sperm dumpster Britney! Er... waitaminute...!


  • At 12:00 pm, Blogger Cameron McEwan said…

    Awww, Happy B'Day!

    21 again?

    They also had an ELEPHANTMEN jigsaw in that shop. The guy almost exploded when I told him I knew you.

  • At 12:15 am, Blogger Richard Starkings said…

    On a slightly related note, the 2nd episode of TORCHWOOD was a load of ol' bollocks. When did Jack become a fascist bully boy? When are the rest of the cast going to outlive their uselessness? Why am I still watching?

    Oh, yeah, Eva Myles.


  • At 9:44 am, Blogger Cameron McEwan said…

    Hhmm, I thought it was better than the first week. Sadly, last night's was not and had some MAJOR problems despite a very promising start.

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