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Friday, February 29, 2008
Daniel & Desmond - Together At Last!
More on LOST later, but first up some WHO news.

Without wanting to sound rude, but that's a bad Photoshop job on CT.

THE SUN have revealed that they have received 'scripts' from the upcoming SERIES 4 but, being the good eggs that they are, won't spoil it for anyone. Hem Hem. Check the 'story' out HERE.

Brella, brella, brella...

Some filming has been taking place on the streets of Cardiff for the last few days involving CATHY T, DAVEY T and BERNARD CRIBBENS; the pics are visible, somewhere in this post... Still with WHO, ROBERT "Career Is Going Where Exactly?" CARLYLE has expressed an interest in the show - see HERE.

Compare with picture at top...

The latest episode of TORCHWOOD, broadcast on BBC3, was a belter. If you want to avoid any 'spoilers' regarding this episode - not yet broadcast on BBC2 - then do NOT read the following paragraph, ie. the text in between the next two pictures. You have been WARNED!

One word, plastics...

In case you've forgotten OWEN is dead. So now we see the repercussions of this and the pre~title sequence was particularly breath~taking (groan!). There were a number of times during this episode where it got all introspective and, surprisingly, it was very well done (though there were the usual script guffaws) due mainly to BURN "Born In Hollywood" GORMAN's performance. He really has been the main star of the last three and I was surprised when he 'survived' (I told you to stop reading if you didn't want to be spoiled!) at the denoument. A juicy one that involved, none other than, RICHARD "Yes, I Was In 'Paradise Towers', Don't Hate Me" BRIERS. A brief but stout role that had humour - references to the "Japanese Girl" and lying in piss (but not at the same time) - and gravitas. Top marks. All~in~all, an excellent episode that was paced with a deft touch and didn't try too hard. Probably the best of this series so far.

Likes Japanese chicks apparently.

Elsewhere, TV~Land is pretty p*sh at the moment and it's to downloads we look to for the next show, LOST. If you want to remain free of spoilers - it has not been shown on UK TV yet - then move along and don't read the following paragraph. Come back after Sunday.

Where's the hair? Where's the beard?

I'm warning you there's some pretty big sh*t going down in this one so skip this bit if you haven't seen it. As you can guess from the title of this post, this one's got DESMOND and DANIEL in it - together! Regular readers (although I regard you all in no way regular - each one of you is unique. Especially you!) will remember that I longed (I say 'longed', it was only a few weeks ago) for these two guys to get together due to their 'oddness'. Well, this one is centered round these guys in a very real and meaningful way. Not only that, the story involves time~travel! And they managed to resolve it in way that made 'sense'; TORCHWOOD take note! These guys are inextricably linked in awesome BACK TO THE FUTURE 2 kind of way.

Why the hair? Why the beard?

Actually, for those who skipped the last paragraph, you might want to move on 'til I let you know it's safe to read, go on past the next picture! FISHER "Short Circuit 2" STEVENS stars as the oft~mentioned MINKOWSKI in a pivotal, if brief role. ALAN "Career Has Come On Slightly Since The 80s" DALE also rears his head and there's a graphic toilet scene with ole DES. The ending was so good. Did I get a bit teary? Yes, I ripped up a newspaper. Oh, tear-y. There was a definite stiffening in the throat, that's for sure. And the trousers (but that's a given). Again, the best of the season and, possibly, ever. This is one episode I'll watch again on SKY this Sunday. And I don't usually watch LOST more than once.

No. 5? Still alive???

OK, it's safe to read. In the world of films, a trailer has gone up for CORALINE; the new stop-motion style animation from HENRY "Director of Tim Burton's Nightmare Before Christmas" SELICK based upon NEIL "Babylon 5" GAIMAN's book of the same name. It's got quite the cast and it'll be in 3D, click HERE to see a preview. It's also got music from my faves, THEY MIGHT BE GIANTS! Some new 'one-sheets' have been posted, first up: new PIXAR flick, WALL•E.

Interesting to say the least. To say the most? Erm, very interesting? I mentioned SHORT CIRCUIT earlier - although you would have missed that if you didn't read the LOST paragraphs - and this little guy certainly invokes that annoying piece of cr*p. I'm hoping that PIXAR can regain the highs of their 'glory' years with this one. Next up, the documentary from MORGAN "Prefers Burger King, That's Why He Threw Up" SPURLOCK called WHERE IN THE WORLD IS OSAMA BIN LADEN?

My money is on that they don't know. You may have seen a cheeky picture of DIABLO "Ex~Stripper, Ex~Blogger, OSCAR Winner AND Younger Than Me!" CODY in my last post with some cream on her knockers, well you can see more delightful shots of the ex~slutbag HERE. Don't worry, they ain't litigious. Just 'fun' in a CARRY~ON kind of way. In TV-news, FAMILY GUY might getting a spin~off show. Go HERE for the 411 on that. Music~wise, ZOOEY "Looks A Bit Like Pam From "The Office'" DESCHANEL, who displayed a pleasant singing~voice in ELF, is doing an album. It's under the name of SHE & HIM and you can check them out HERE. or download a track (for free!) from HERE. Great stuff so far.

Dilemna! She's great but she was in "Failure To Launch" - what to do?

'Til the next time,

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