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Friday, February 01, 2008
Oh flip!

Awwright, brother?

No wonder DESMOND (one of my faves) is crying, CHARLIE'S just flippin' died! And that's my recap of the last season. I won't spoil the episode for you as I am aware that it hasn't been broadcast in the UK yet but I will say, crikey! And I don't use that phrase lightly. It pretty much continues in the same vein as the final few from Season Three with the intrigue kicked up a notch and a half, Bam! Although it's a "HUGO" story, and I ain't too fond of him, it's a belter with much mystery and a lot of points that I'm sure will crop up over the rest of the series itself. Very, very interesting. Well done guys, more purlease!

Yup, he's still in it. Or is he?

The same cannot be said, however, for TORCHWOOD. The premise of this one was promising with a 'time-shift' being at the centre of the plot. I always find 'timey' stuff interesting, even when it's used in STAR TREK, but the resolution in this particular story was so indecipherable that it felt like someone mumbled and then that was it. It had some real good stuff in it, especially the glimpse (although predictable) of an early Torchwood team, but the ending was poor. I mean, what the eff happened? How did it all get fixed, exactly? In DOCTOR WHO related news, there's a trailer for SERIES FOUR showing at the cinema. Haven't seen it yet but I am trouser-tightenigly excited by the prospect of seeing it.

I like the way she's pointing at her KNOCKERS!

BUZZCOCKS was laugh-a-second and I squawked when BILL "Stood Beside Him Once, He Had A Parrot On His Shoulder" BAILEY and PHIL "Wore A They Might Be Giants T-Shirt Once, So He Can't Be All Bad" JUPITUS came up with the musical charities: first there was BANJOS FOR PAEDOS; then there was BONGOS FOR PSYCHOS and finally, AMPS FOR TRAMPS. Guest CHRIS "The I.T. Crowd" O'DOWD was on top form and JAMES "Adverts For Cash, Nothing Wrong With That" NESBITT proved he can take a joke (the same one that is, repeated constantly) as could ANDY "I Had No Idea Who He Was" SCOTT~LEE. Poor bastid! IDOL provided some larfs with PAULA hiccupping most amusingly with SC retorting, "You disgusting little pig." He followed that up with "Very slutty" referring to her short dress. Nice! Shockingly, THEY MIGHT BE GIANTS had their song "No!" featured in a montage. I nearly fell out of my chair. I haven't seen WINELIST pictured in a shop for a while but, to make up for it, fellow CDW KATE MOSS obliged:

Late developer?

As if not to be outdone, BRITNEY "She Did A Song Called CRAZY Once" SPEARS pitched in just before she was humped off to a home for mentalists, here she is with some kind of drink....

Look at that, she's giving us the finger and the Vs!

Due to being hospitalised and placed on a drip, the aforementioned WINELIST hasn't had much coverage. But, here at SISTW, our files are bulging with archive material. Check it:

Awww, she's so cute with flesh on her.

The rumours have been flying but it seems that GUILLERMO "Del" TORO is directing both films that will form THE HOBBIT - click HERE for the 411 on that exciting story. Elsewhere it seems that TOY STORY and its sequel are to get the 3~D treatment and will hit the screens in a lead up to TOY STORY 3. Those films are perfect for that form and I look forward to them greatly - check the story HERE. More BATMAN pix anyone?

The Dark Brick?

Only joking, that's from the upcoming LEGO game, here's the real deal though; CHRISTIAN "Ooo, You Big Sauce~Pot" BALE in all his manly BAT-goodness:

Nice fleece.

Keen to get in on the new-pic action, here's WILL "When's 'II, ROBOT' Getting Released?" SMITH from his next, and unfortunately titled, film, HANCOCK. Prick gag anyone?

Nice leathers.

I hope he does a song like WILD WILD WEST for it. Especially if it samples the HANCOCK'S HALF HOUR theme tune. There's not enough tank-tops in films these days so, thankfully, WILL "And My Next Decent Film Is When?" FERRELL and JOHN "C" REILLY are making up for that.

Nice hair.

That's from their new film, STEP BROTHERS and I hope FERRELL starts getting funny again. He was once you know. And I hope John stops associating with him 'cos he's the one with actual talent. Interestingly, and I use the word in an apocryphal sense, I was in a bar in NYC and he walked by. True story. Coincidentally, and I use the word quite correctly, I saw his sometime co~star PHILLIP "Seymour" HOFFMAN across the street the next day (I wasn't in the bar that time, I hasten to add). His new flick, DOUBT, has the delight that is AMY "Enchanted? Damn Right I Was. Now Give Us A Cuddle!" ADAMS in it also.

Nice everything! Swoon, smooch~smooch.

Now, lets move on to the distressing subject of slut~bags. Remember the heyday of CELEB BB? Remember PRESTON and CHANTELLE? Well, keep those memories...

She'll catch her death in that outfit, silly bee~atch.

There should probably be a show called CELEBRITY SLUT~BAGS, could be good. Oh, there already is? Ah yes, THE GIRLS OF THE PLAYBOY MANSION. Well, this following specimen would not make it through the door of HUGH's mansion:

Is she lactating?

Now, I wouldn't really call the following an S~B but this picture did make me laugh. I know she's pregnant but come on, you're bloody famous woman - get a stylist!

She probably is, dirty cow!

There's been a lot of rumours doing the circuit about this STAR WARS musical. While the cast is not 100% confirmed, it seems that these actresses have landed the plum roles of LEIA and, golden-rod himself, C~3P0:

Spot the robot.

'Til the next time,

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posted by Cameron McEwan at 2:21 pm -
  • At 7:10 pm, Blogger Richard Starkings said…


    Wot, are you Helen Raynor's jilted stalker or something?

    I thought the recent episode was EASILY the best of the three so far -- very SAPPHIRE & STEEL-ish. I admit that the ending with Toshiko time travelling in the dentist's chair was lame -- and i did not need to see Ianto snogging Jack (not that there is ANYTHING wrong with that) -- but by and large the whole World War One, over-the-top analogy was great. I love that Gwen and the gang were the ghosts in the beginning.

    Funny that they used the phrase THE WAR TO END ALL WARS -- check out my ad in TORCHWOOD magazine again.


  • At 1:57 pm, Blogger Cameron McEwan said…

    ha ha, I was going to mention her and the Dalek~clunker but I decided against it.

    For me, it would have been the best so far if it wasn't for the last 10 minutes. The set~up was terrific, well played and very well paced but all that went out the window with the shoddy denouement. It made me forget all the good bits. The same thing happened with the Dalek two-parter last year.

    As you say, the ghosts were reminiscent of SAPHHIRE & STEEL and I believe there's an episode coming up that evokes that particular show even more. By 'evoke' I mean the makers appear to have simply taken one of their ideas and stuck it in TORCHWOOD.

    Just checked your ad again, do I smell a crossover?

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