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Monday, February 25, 2008
THE OSCARS - What The Flip Did I Think? [Part 1]
Well we ended up biting the bullet and paying for a month's subscription to channels we'll probably never watch - damn you SKY! - but it was worth it; the OSCARS is still THE biggest show on Earth.

Brolin, Jones & Bardem - they seemed to enjoy it too.

Of course, staying up late (5am over here) is fun but when you get to my age it can be a bit of a challenge. Thankfully I didn't nod off. Due, partly, to the swiftness of the event and the stout work from host, JON "Not Taller Than Ryan Seacrest" STEWART, who was never anything other than essential. He handled the night very well with some nice pre~prepared gags - 'modern' references to video iPods, the Wii, iMDB; and montages of "Periscopes & Binoculars" and "Bad Dreams" - alongside some genuinely amusing spontaneous moments and quips. Right from the get~go JS got the tone right and kept it up all night, slightly irreverent but on the nose almost all of the time.

Political? Sometimes, but not tonight.

He even managed to keep the politics to a superficial level. I look forward to seeing him at it again next year although he may have upset the 'Academy' after he mocked, albeit lovingly, a presentation by president SID "Produced 'Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo', Hem Hem" GANIS on the 'secrecy' of the voting process involving PRICEWATERHOUSE COOPERS. Still, bloody funny. Particularly touching was his insistence that MARKETA "Not Even 20!" IRGLOVA got her chance to say 'thank you' after being 'orchestra-d off'. Nice.

Yeah, hey guys! The show's on stage.

The presenters were, for the most part, top notch - producers of the BAFTAs and BRITS take note! - although KATHERINE "Check Out Her Huge Gums & Teeth!" HEIGL really let herself down when she got up told everyone how nervous she was and what a big deal it was. Silly cow, she'll be regretting that today. Of note were STEVE "Shock, Cam Likes Something He's Done, Again." CARRELL and ANNE "Not Too Bad This Time, Almost Engagaing" HATHAWAY who presented the Animated Film but SC thought he was presenting Documentary and was all serious 'n' that. Simple but well performed and, best of all, got a LOL from me.

Wonder if she's aware that Rabies has a cure?

JOSH "That's Right, I Was In 'The Goonies', Get Over It!" BROLIN and JAMES "Also Shorter Than Seacrest" MCAVOY proved to be an amusing and oddly coupled pair, delivering their intro with great comic timing and 'movement'. The SUPERBAD guys, SETH "Looks A Bit Like Jonah Hill" ROGEN and JONAH "Looks A Bit Like Chris Penn" HILL provided some more excellent 'humour' pretending to be HALLE BERRY and JUDI DENCH.

The Proclaimers movie is back on track.

Other larfs came from the oft~asked~to~host~but~says~no JERRY SEINFELD who 'performed' as BARRY "Bee" BENSON and presented a montage of some his other roles from THE SWARM et al. The winners themselves were brief and generally like~able. Most of all, the majority of them weren't American. Now, this isn't racism, it's just nice to see and hear so many non~US voices in such a big American, Hollywood event. Note, all the actors and actresses who won were 'foreign'.

The Little Mermaid live~action version starts soon too.

MARION "Big Fish" COTILLARD was as sweet as a big, erm, 'sweet' and bubbled over with joy and happiness and her speech was just as fun. Much like JAVIER "Coin~Tosser" BARDEM who, despite being the favourite, was as humble as ever and even spoke some of his speech in his own tongue to his mother. Nice touch big guy! But, what was the deal with TILDA "Dementor" SWINTON? It was the BAFTAs all over again. Not only did her dress look awful (again!!) but she managed to use the phrase, "You rock!" in her acceptance speech. Wha??!! I'm sure CLOONEY is getting sick of hearing about his role as BATMAN all those years ago. While watching DANIEL "Day" LEWIS leaving the stage after his gentle and heartfelt speech I found it difficult to equate the man with his role in THERE WILL BE BLOOD. And that's probably why he won.

You may well be brilliant but those earrings? Eeeww!

Negative points? Too much self reference, so many clips of passed ceremonies. It was clear that the recent writer's strike affected this portion of the show. Also, the musical numbers (which I was looking forward too immensely) were rather ill thought~out and, for want of a better term, lame. Very Eighties and HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL. Poor AMY "Should've Been Nominated" ADAMS had to sing a song all on her own with no animated animals cleaning up and then she suffered the indignanty of having some talentless cow sing the best song from ENCHANTED, "That's How You Know". Very disappointing. Still, those points aside, the ceremony was a success, very slick and damn funny at times. But, crucially, utterly essential. My thoughts on the actual winners and nominations coming up (once I've had a nap).

Just where were all the animals?

'Til the next time,

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  • At 8:01 pm, Blogger The Masked Tanguero said…

    They look less like the Proclaimers and more like Ricky Gervais in Extras...Nice coverage of Oscars.

    Shameless plugging- look at my blog! Tis very interesting! :D

  • At 9:27 pm, Blogger Cameron McEwan said…

    Ha ha, I'm sure Gervais would lurve that!

    So you like to tango then!

    I like that picture of the colourful houses at the top of your page, it contrasts well with Kings.

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