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Sunday, March 23, 2008
NANCY SCHOOL? Are You Effin' Serious??
More of that later but first up, as always, some WHO~news.

The Doc seems very proud of his Time~Rotor

As reported yesterday, four trailers were screened on the BEEB last night. You can see them all on the official site HERE. They include all the juicy teasers each for the SONTARANS, OOD and DALEKS.

"Oh, I've left the iron on!"

You can also see them on the BBC YouTube site HERE though if you are outside the UK you can't see them on there (just in case you didn't already know). The last post contained the trailer but the aspect ratio was a bit effed up so here it is again, all proper 'n' nice.

And so to 'Nancy School' (check out that link to see what it actually is - high~larious), the ridiculous name they've given to the place where they train up bints to be the character, Nancy, to star in OLIVER! I mean, they're one step from calling it 'Poof Academy'! I am, of course, referring to I'D DO ANYTHING - which is not, I am reliably informed, JOHN BARROWMAN'S ethos when it comes to television shows. I only caught a minute or so of it but they kept saying 'Nancy School' without any irony. Anyway, the show seemed to consist of: girls crying (regardless if they were picked or not); girls saying that this is the biggest thing ever and it would mean the world to them; and families (especially grannies) screaming with joy. F**king tedious.

This picture has not been altered: The Mekon returns.

Similarly, AMERICAN IDOL was tiresome with a second week of songs by THE BEATLES. Much more predictable this week (though there was the odd surprising choice) in the respect that they were all sh*t-ly done (words forgotten again). One of the little S~Bags said, "The Beatles thing is kind of new to me." Also annoying is when women do Beatles songs and they change the lyrics to reflect their gender, I flippin' hate that. Gah! The medley they all did was horrendous - though full marks for choosing While My Guitar Gently Weeps and Because - and was only redeemed when one of the more clumsier gals nearly tripped up into a camera. The question is, why am I watching this garbage?

New INDY pic: The Bob With A Bag

Not garbage this week was TORCHWOOD. Not only that, but we were also treated to two episodes this week (although there is a two week gap to the finale). The first episode we got was a real change of pace and was reminiscent of the first couple from series one. It was a Gwen~centric tale and was obviously the 'cheap' episode (though not detrimental to the story). Apart from a few script~gaffs it was an engaging tale with Gwen hunting down 'missing' people whom, it turns out, were caught up in the rift. The denouement was pretty powerful between the missing boy and his mother, quite unpleasant. A good example of not utilising every character from TW in the same show.


If you haven't seen the episode that aired on BBC3 then you may want to move on to the next paragraph as I talk explicitly of what happens in the penultimate episode of TORCHWOOD, go on scoot! Again, another great episode. The gang (apart from Gwen) got exploded! Well, very nearly. We were then treated to four separate stories concentrating on each member's recruitment into TORCHWOOD. I was reminded why CAPTAIN JACK is such an appealing guy in his flashback, a tantalising glimpse into the newly~formed institute. Trouser~tighteningly, THE DOCTOR was name~checked as was the Queen's formation of TW was specifically referenced. Nice! The other story that was terrific, and incredibly powerful, was OWEN's. Yet again, BURN "First Mention This Post" GORMAN displaying his knack for actor~ing. Real good stuff and there was a moment when I genuinely thought, "Yup, he's a goner". The ending would have been a surprise if the BEEB hadn't effed up by revealing CAPTAIN JOHN in a 'Coming Soon' trailer after this year's first episode. Idiots! Still, two weeks to wait. Gah!

A Sith joins the cast of SESAME STREET, it's DARTH MUPPET!

The final episode of LOST (for a month or so) was tip~top. Oh, if you haven't seen it, due to screen in the UK tonight, then move on to the next paragraph. Waits..... Ok, this one concentrated on MICHAEL and, by and large, it was pretty much all his flashback. It was odd trying to remember how he left (and who he killed) 'cos it was such a loooong time ago. So we got to see him back in the US, along with 'other' TOM (he's an odd~looking guy), and followed him back to the island and why he was there. Great stuff though very solemn. What was surprising was SAYID giving him up at the end along with ALEX's (Ben's daughter) boyfriend and mother getting shot (and presumably killed). Great stuff.

"Awright Guv'nor, take a trip in ma taxi?"

Elsewhere on TV, THAT MITCHELL & WEBB LOOK continues rather unimpressively and HARRY HILL'S TV BURP is certainly not what it once was - although still very funny. BBC3 had a 'night' (started at 9pm!) dedicated to THE MIGHTY BOOSH and kicked it off with an engrossing documentary on their rise to fame starting off in the lowly venues where they ploughed their craft. Predictably, we got a lot of vox~pops from the famous but, unlike most documentaries, these guys and gals were actually involved in their career. It was quite obvious that BARRET & FIELDING had their hands fully in this production and its formation (no bad thing) and it was almost impossible to tell them apart from their on screen counterparts for the majority of this. Stout work though I would definitely like to see less of JO WILEY if they do another. She's a C.

Cost-cutting at the BEEB means that DR WHO is getting 'gritty'.

BBC4 hit a new ratings high with THE CURSE OF STEPTOE; a look, as the title would suggest, at the 'curse' of the show that would 'blight' HARRY "H" CORBETT and WILFRID "Macca's Grandad" BRAMBELL. The actors were excellent but the story being told was unfocused and, ultimately, pointless. The unpleasantness that reputedly went on between them was barely touched upon, their respective lives seem to consist of selfishness rather than some 'curse' that was visited upon them. The idea that Harry thought STEPTOE & SON would be some great gritty drama was also risible. By all accounts he could have been somebody but it's difficult to feel sorry for anyone when they are shown to be living, very well off, in a loving environment with a family and an offer of a tour in Australia. Likewise, Brambell was shown with his partner lovingly. The tour proved to very problematic and Corbett's health deteriorated suffering two heart attacks and dying before his elder co~star but the show decided to stop before it got that interesting. A missed opportunity. As a side-note, it was fab to see BURN "Second Mention This Post" GORMAN pop up but his facial hair looked laughable. The make-up/hair department should have been smacked for that alone let alone the other terrible wigs that appeared.

This is real and not funny. Well, actually...

In film~news, THOMAS "Dr Who Link No. 1" SANGSTER is to be the title character in the new TINTIN film penned by STEVEN "Dr Who Link No. 2" MOFFAT, go HERE for the 411. I don't often do 'real' news stories but here's a couple starting with the picture you see above. Father and son with matching foreheads, check out the story HERE. Like flying? Like getting some guy's muck in your hair? See THIS classic about the solo version of the 'Mile High Club'.


'Til the next time,

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