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Sunday, April 20, 2008
Should've been called PLANET OF THE HUUUUGE BRAIN!

Was anyone else reminded of FUTURAMA?

But they called it PLANET OF THE OOD instead. To be fair, the makers of this cracking episode of DOCTOR WHO did manage to display a plethora of brains of all sizes. Check out 'normal' OOD brain below:

Was anyone else reminded of TEMPLE OF DOOM?

Not big enough for you? Ok the, more brain!

No, just me then.

Catering for brain lovers, nice. Especially at tea~time. It's always great to see a new planet in WHO and the OOD SPHERE was realised very well with some stout CG work that included a fab claw~grabbing scene and the rocket, last seen (albeit in a slightly different form) in 2006's THE SATAN PIT. Although THUNDERBIRDS fans could get annoyed:

I lurve spaceships!

Cast~wise, there was, yet again, an ace collection of actors. Step up AYESHA "Born To Say The Word Ood" DHARKER with her wonderful gob. I was beginning to think she would have made a top companion until she revealed herself to be a total C. She got what was comin' allright!

Traitorous nitch!

TIM "Looks A Bit Like Morrissey Does Now (Or Is It Vice Versa?)" MCINNERNY made a suitably vile middle~management (is there any other kind?) 'baddie'. Lurvely ending for him too (though it was cut for TV, can't wait for the DVD), he got what was comin' allright!

More brain Vicar?

And who was that playing the 'FOTO Activist'? The chap who we all thought was a bad guy too? Check the Friend Of The Ood below:

The HARRY HILL convention proved to be a failure.

Yup, it's ADRIAN "I'm Harry Potter's Dad!" RAWLINS. No, really. And I was most surprised to see JUDE "Does Anyone Still Like Me? At All?" LAW make a shock cameo:

That'll teach you for being sh*te!

Sorry, couldn't resist that. DAVEY T was allright though I am getting a bit fed up of him racing through explanations that are vital to the plot. Larfs did ensue when he referenced his meeting with the Ood before and told DONNA it was a long story. She asked to hear it, "The Devil" came his reply. CATHY T was on top form again displaying a fine range. It was genuinely touching to hear her say "I want to go home" when confronted by the atrocities of the universe. Lurved her coat too!


Other references that geeked me out included The Doctor's nod to the 'Sense Sphere' seen in 1964's THE SENSORITES. It featured Ood~like aliens who also had telepathic abilities. Must be great having them as intergalactic neighbours. No need to ask if they can turn it down a bit. The computer voice from SANCTUARY BASE 5 (as seen in the Ood's first two~parter) made a welcome appearance alongside, bizarrely, the voice of HOMER SIMPSON.

More tea Vicar?

GRAEME "The Guv'nor" HARPER returns to directing duties with some aplomb and recalls his previous work on REVELATION OF THE DALEKS with some gore as well as 'lots of energy' (that's his mantra onset for those who don't know). Great Ood attack scenes alongside some beautifully peaceful Ood~Sphere shots.

Wales does look nice...

The bees (and their disappearance) got another mention. I think we'll see more of this next week readers. Mark my words! The ending also offered the tantalising forecast from the Ood designated 'Sigma' that the Doctor's song would end soon. Fact fans note, there's a character coming up in a future episode with the surname 'Song'...

He was the real hero.

The ending reminded me a bit of the Pipes Of Peace video by PAUL "Mc" CARTNEY when the 'bad guys' (that's us humans!) downed their weapons whilst the Ood held their hands aloft in a rave~like fashion. All that was missing was the game of football. The ending also invoked the denouement of last week's episode with the The Doctor and Donna being told their names would live on in song; in the wind; in the snow, et al.

Doctor Of The Rings?

And this annoyed me slightly. Why? Why would they be remembered? What exactly did they do? As far as I could tell, the emancipation of Oodkind would have happened without them there. It was all down to SIGMA and Harry Potter's dad, DR RYDER. They put the plans in place and they carried them out, The Doctor and Donna merely witnessed it happening. Still, a top episode carrying on a very strong run of stories that I am almost sure will end next week.

These BBC idents are getting very experimental...

'Til the next time,

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posted by Cameron McEwan at 11:45 am -
  • At 2:15 pm, Anonymous Who-Fan9 said…

    On the circle cone, I thought of a BBC ONE Ident :D lol

  • At 2:18 pm, Blogger Cameron McEwan said…

    ha ha, it is funny!

  • At 6:36 pm, Blogger Richard Starkings said…

    FOTO activist

    Friends Of The Ood

    My Phriend!


  • At 6:44 pm, Blogger Cameron McEwan said…

    I have no idea what you're talking about...

    its says FOTO Activist

    [coughs then whistles innocently]

  • At 4:24 am, Blogger Richard Starkings said…

    I hope your balls dropped when you coughed.

    Your Persil balls, Cam.


  • At 9:18 am, Blogger Cameron McEwan said…

    That's where I keep my brain.

    You know, I don't even know if they still make Persil balls.

    By an odd coincidence, the BBC have done a report on the disappearing bees. Only a couple of years later than everyone else!

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