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Monday, May 19, 2008
"Applause Is An Addiction Like Heroin Or Checking Your Email"
Nice line from THE SIMPSONS this week.

Does a bear sh*t in the toilets?

There was also the remark: "Coin collecting is a lot like life, it stopped being fun a long time ago" which made me hoot. But, first of all, let's rewind to last Tuesday - GORDON RAMSAY is back with THE F WORD. And this time, it's got more celebs. Not great to be honest, a poor choice. THE APPRENTICE also was less than its best (but still great) after the previous week's extravaganza. We were, however, treated to this pictorial gem from RAEF.

No, and neither does Raif!

How is MICHAEL still there? Come on! He's a useless prick. SR'AL obviously hearts him big style. And his selling style left a lot to the imagination, the little C.

The smile of a potential sex~pest (him not her).

LEE managed to come off lookin' better this week with fewer outbursts and a nice line in selling knickers. Bad news coming up though, the show is getting moved next week! Go HERE for the 411 on this DOCTOR WHO~esque tale. Oddly some people have been directed here looking for durty pics of JENNY. Perverts! THIS is the place you wanna go.

Not bad for a forty year old!

KIRSTY YOUNG presented HAVE I GOT NEW FOR YOU? (for the seventh time!) last week and a bloody good job she does too. She's the closest in style and tone to ANGUS DEAYTON of all the guests they've had since his 'departure'. PAUL MERTON was on top form and this series has seen some of his best work. Good job. PEEP SHOW also kept up its quality from last week and it was nice to see the return of Dobby.

Yes, that is COLIN FARRELL.

Download~wise, THE OFFICE came to an end with a crackin' 'finale' though there were some 'storylines' creeping in again. Sad to see Toby go (or has he?) but great to have the introduction of the new character Holly. A very interesting addition and her interaction with Kevin, who she thought was mentally challenged (easy mistake to make), was high~larious. Also laugh~worthy was seeing a naked Dwight getting it on with Angela. Not the best season finale they've done but excellent nonetheless and a fitting end to a less than perfect season. The next paragraph contains SPOILERS about the next episode of LOST (broadcast this coming Sunday in the UK) so avoid it if you wanna remain innocent.

Nice dreads Hurley!

Right, you were warned. This episode starts off with the OCEANIC 6 getting back to the United States. We don't know how, we just know they got off. That was the flash forward of this installment and a very sombre start it was too but the pace soon picked up. Oh, in the flash forward Jack found out Claire was/is his half~sister. Difficult to describe exactly what went on - different factions were all gonna meet up at the end, pretty much; and some people got onto the boat - but in a nutshell it was pretty excellent and tightened my trousers in an appropriate manner for the finale (have to wait two weeks for it though! Gah!).

Nice nose Jav!

Reader, I hope you are sitting down - FRANKIE "Remember Him? No? Me Neither" MUNIZ is quitting Hollywood! Go HERE for the sad, sad news. JURASSIC PARK 4 happening? LAURA DERN seems to think so - her words are THERE. Another TV Spot for THE DARK KNIGHT can be viewed at THIS location. STAR WARS: THE CLONE WARS gets the following rating in the US:

"PG for sci-fi action violence throughout,
brief language and momentary smoking."

Momentary smoking? Perhaps it's after a lightsaber has sliced someone's nuts off. And what do they mean by 'brief' language? Only some dialogue? Or does Obi Wan finally tell Anakin to stop f**king moaning? Ever wonder what other visitors to this blog look like? Ever wonder what kind of person comes here? Well go HERE and HERE to see the lurvely RICHARD "Got His Own Wiki~Pedia Entry" STARKINGS at work.

Nice black eye Rodge!

there's been a few releases in the past week. MARTHA WAINWRIGHT is back with an excellent new album, I Know You're Married, But I've Got Feelings Too. Could've done with a few tracks omitted but definitely listen~worthy. GREEN DAY have a 'side~project', the FOXBORO HOT TUBS, and they've released an album, Stop Drop & Roll. Not bad, quite good listening on the past few summery days. Though quite repetitious. Lastly, THE TING TINGS have finally got their debut out there. Packed with all the 'hits', We Started Nothing is a surprisingly good package of tunes ranging from the staccato pop tunes to the more melodic (and, dare I say, ballad~esque). In fact one of the songs, sounds a lot like THE SUNDAYS. Stout work.

MICKEY ROURKE - What the eff happened to you?

'Til the next time,

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posted by Cameron McEwan at 9:19 pm -
  • At 2:45 pm, Blogger james said…

    That IS a freaky pic of Mickey rourke , is that plastic surgery or botox ? (or both)

    really loving the Martha Wainwright album , which is a surprise cos i've previously avoided her since she opened for her brother at the barbican a few years back & effectively sucked all the atmosphere from the place with her screeching & warbling.

  • At 3:09 pm, Blogger Richard Starkings said…

    And here:

  • At 4:33 pm, Blogger Cameron McEwan said…

    I think he got some work done years ago that didn't quite go to plan. He is a mess.

    I didn't really enjoy Martha Wainwright until this one. Her previous stuff didn't do much for me but I am 'digging' the new album very much.

    THIS pic was my fave:

    On a different note, I'm off to see the new INDY film. Huzzah!

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