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Sunday, May 11, 2008
"Hello Dad"
I think I'm in lurve.

Someone call DR SEXY, she needs mouth~to~mouth!

Smooch~a~roo indeed, but more of GEORGIA "Scrummy Mummy" MOFFETT later. This week's episode of DOCTOR WHO was entitled THE DOCTOR'S DAUGHTER and that character has been one of the most anticipated since BOBA FETT first appeared in the HOLIDAY SPECIAL back in '78. So, it amused me no end that her introduction was so slightly done. Scraped from his hand?

Did anyone else think of FLASH GORDON at this point? No? Just me then.

I'm glad she wasn't actually his daughter. That would have taken so much explanation (something they don't tend to do much of these days) and it would have been a helluva tricky fitting it in. Much more interesting to see him get a new 'family member'. DAVEY T delivers a terrific performance, despite the rather poor script - the genocide in the dictionary bit annoyed me, that joke was in BOOMERANG for eff's sake! Notably, the scene in the cell where he's talking about the Time Lords. Great reaction from Jenny there, "How are we different?"

Push the button, bee~atch!

That little sex~pot was good. Georgy M was spot on and very exciting in the role as someone with no history or experience - her character not her. It seems she has caught the imagination of a few internet users as the words "Georgia Moffett Naked"; "Nude pictures of Georgia Moffett" and "sexy pics of Georgia Moffett" have been all been typed into search engines recently and directed here. Durty boys (and gals)! Makes me larf to think some come here looking for porn.

Honk! Honk!

It wasn't really a surprise when she copped it (I was surprised at how shoddily it was done but more of that later) but was most happy when she came back to, erm, 'life'. That was thanks to STEVEN "Another Award For 'Blink'" MOFFAT, his idea. How she came back to life is just one of the many questions left a begging in this episode. Was it the stuff from 'The Source'? Time Lord essence? I'm sure we'll find out soon enough. Real nice shot of her in the spaceship too. I lurve spaceships.

Idea for website: Spaceships & Gurls.

CATHY T was a great as ever and FREEMA was excellent in parts - her meeting with THE HATH and befriending them - but she was bit pooey when her mate 'drowned' in the quicksand. Poor crying skills there, I'm afraid. Her falling down into the pit was so old skool, not that there's anything wrong with that.

Hell HATH no fury?

I liked THE HATH, nice design. I especially liked the fact that we couldn't understand what they were saying (TARDIS translating device on the blink? Eh, production team?). For a while, I thought that the planet would turn out to be SKARO and the 'Source' would be DAVROS but, as you are probably aware, it didn't turn out like that. Why? The specific mention of radiation and the general vibe of THE DALEKS and GENESIS OF THE DALEKS. Still, nice to see a new planet.

Not Skaro. Damn!

And so to some of the things I didn't like. And there's a few, some small. Some big. I'll buy that a cloning, sorry, re~progenation machine can also clothe you (and even apply make~up) but why did they just choose THE DOCTOR? What about Martha and Donna? The guy said "everyone" gets processed. The whole ending was a bit forced too and the revelation about the numbers was not revealing in the slightest. Wow, they were dates. The seven day war thing did not sit well with me. What about the old guy? Did he know? Was he in on it? And why the hell did he decide to shoot The Doc?

Did you wind up my mousey?

That's already too many questions for my liking. I'll ignore the lack of wound as Jenny took a bullet (and her hole~less top) and concentrate on The Doc's "I'm the Doctor and I declare this war is over." A bit hollow and bombastic. Needless pomp in my opinion. Jenny's 'dying' scenes were well played by Davey T though he had practise at this, of course, as he did practically the same scene when THE MASTER died last year. Hem hem. Repetition played big part in this yarn: overly dramatic and overused Time Lord music; second week in~a~row we've heard the expression, or something like it, "Wipe them out, every last stinking one of them"; and another goodbye for Martha.

Will he shoot his load?

They did counter this, however, with the truly shocking shot of The Doc holding a gun to that guy's head (pictured above). I did think, for a brief moment, that he might do it. All in all, a lot of flaws. A lot. Quite big ones too but, nevertheless, it was a bloody good installment and the ending was trouser~tightening as hell! Roll on her return, whenever that may be...

Lookin' good Davey!

'Til the next time,

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posted by Cameron McEwan at 11:57 pm -
  • At 10:01 pm, Anonymous Whelks said…

    Hmmmm.....I enjoyed "The Doctor's Daughter", though before it started I declared to my fellow viewers "Well if it involves a clone/DNA extract or some sort of genetic cop-out, I'll be blummin' annoyed!"

    And for about five minutes, I was. But I was competely won over by Jenny and spent the rest of the episode thoroughly enjoying myself. Oddly, there were a couple of times when I found myself thinking of "Underworld" - myths and race memories and all that sort of thing - but it all pretty much worked.

    Sort of.

    Loved the Hath. Wondered about the lack of TARDISlation (err...), but thought it made for a refreshing change not to know what they were saying.

    I think I'll probably have to watch again though, to try and "get" the central concept of the story, because when it was revealed that it had all taken place over seven days, I'm afraid I came over a bit Moe Szyzlak.

    I really hope that Jenny features again sometime soon though - it amazed me just how much her character developed over such a short period of time. I suppose that the odd plot hole here and there are but small prices to pay, where the characterisation is so good.

    All this, and then Agatha Christie - heeheehee!

  • At 10:20 pm, Blogger Cameron McEwan said…

    Yeah, my initial annoyance at the cloning faded pretty quickly too.

    I think the cast really carried this one and, in particular, Jenny is a feisty addition to the canon. I dunno if she'll be back this year. Maybe next year's specials.

    I think the next companion should be a Hath. What a larf Davey T would have with it.

    For all its flaws, it was certainly highly entertaining.

    Still, that's no reason to bring 'Underworld' into it...

  • At 1:52 am, Blogger Richard Starkings said…

    She'll be back... what's that Hathie?


    Jenny's fallen down a well?


    It's half a mile from here?


    Good boy!


  • At 9:25 pm, Blogger Cameron McEwan said…

    I can tell you're a writer!

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