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Tuesday, June 17, 2008
The NOT~SO Incredible Hulk
That's right, I'm that clever.

BBC confirms casting for DAVROS...

But before I dissect THE INCREDIBLE HULK, some movie news. SPACED: THE MOVIE? Don't rule it out if THIS interview with JESSICA "Always Be Stevenson To Me" HYNES is to be believed. There's a brief snatch of a 'villian' from THE DARK KNIGHT available HERE. Be warned though, it should be viewed as SPOILERY in nature. Here's a pic from the new X -FILES movie I WANT TO BELIEVE, it's only bleedin' BILLY "Once Stayed With My Dad" CONNOLLY!

Billy takes the 'red eye' literally.

A new, much more sombre, trailer for THE CLONE WARS has been unleashed. See it in all its effin' glory HERE. Interestingly, if you use your ears, you may hear the familiar tones of CHRISTOPHER LEE. Now, he hasn't been officially confirmed but word on the street (and by that, I mean the internet) is that it is him. Rumours are still doing the rounds that HAYDEN CHRISTENSEN has voiced ANAKIN (though he remains coy on the matter) and what of OBI-WAN? Not much has been heard of him in any of the trailers. Does this mean....? Well, we'll just have to wait and see.

Obligatory Tatooine cameo...

So to the green one and his latest big screen outing. I feel it pertinent to mention ANG LEE'S much maligned 2003 version - which, fact fans, I saw in the beautiful Ziegfeld Theater in New York. I really enjoyed the first thirty minutes or so; I was dazzled by the transitions from one scene to the next and I felt like I was watching something very new. But, sadly, when he hulked out the film became less interesting and the CG work was particularly off~putting. Two shapeless, changing monsters fighting out for some reason in a plot that disappeared as soon it was written. Not much has changed in five years then.

Rhumba, Snort!

But, enough of days gone by and, as you can probably tell from my last remark (and the title of this post), I was none too enthused about this re~make. Before I saw it I wondered, "Why bother?" and afterwards I wondered, "Why did they bother?" I'm not blaming EDWARD "People Only Like Him 'Cos Of 'Fight Club'" NORTON and his monotone performance but it didn't help. Some blame should be laid at the feet of TIM "Remember When He Used To Be Good?" ROTH and his ridiculous portrayal of a soldier though the script did not help him out. He got all the bad lines for sure.

Classy, as ever!

Thank the deity for LIV "So Yummy, She's Scrummy" TYLER and her delicious gob. Most of the time I was thinking, "Have they CG'd her moo to make it look bigger?" That was in between contemplating why Banner would trust as scientist for so many years who was obviously an idiot and sighing at the poorly realised CG work. The stuff in the shadows was great - reminiscent of CLOVERFIELD when the big guys got the city (poor New York!) - so why put the Hulk in daylight? It doesn't work. Why put him in a cave, soaking wet in an emotional scene with Betty? It doesn't work. And you know what, we found that out five years ago! Hollywood is sooo dumb sometimes.

She's got her own slave, bet that makes her smile...

I was surprised that the title sequence contained the 'back story' and disappointed that it was quickly binned. My franchise~sniffing nose also got active when I saw the names Nick Fury and Stark flash up. And who should appear at the end? The conclusion was muddled. Banner claimed he wanted rid of the Hulk and yet at the end, as he is in control, he revels in it. Are they (and by 'they' I mean the numb~nuts that put this together) saying that it's acceptable to be a monster as long as you can control it? Hidden, in a log cabin?

Will they lezz up?

Maybe I'm reading too much into it but it's worth noting that, like BATMAN BEGINS, the 'hero' has to learn how to better himself through foreign voices, devices and ways of thinking. Then, he returns home wreak havoc - for better or worse. Still, it wasn't all bad. The shots of the Brazilian city were very good and hinted that good things were about to happen. STAN LEE and LOU FERRIGNO also got the obligatory shoe~horned cameos. Interestingly, and third mention for the city in this post, I found myself standing beside the aforementioned TV Hulk in New York a few years back. He was talking to DIRK BENEDICT! True story, sell that on eBay!

Speaking of WALL•E, I mentioned last week that PETER "Are Coldplay Trying To Be Him?" GABRIEL had released his song Down To Earth in the US only (at the moment). Well big thanks to blog~reader RICH for helping out there. Great song and I expect that the former GENESIS 'frontman' may be getting on OSCAR nod for that little ditty. WARNING! There now follows a paragraph dedicated to...

and it was all...., yelllow.

... the world's favourite band COLDPLAY. I'm not really a fan of them and have enjoyed, perhaps, two of their songs in the past decade so you can imagine my surprise when I realised how much I flippin' enjoyed their new 'album', VIVA LA VIDA etc... Credit has to go to BRIAN ENO who has made CHRIS "Read This For A Larf" MARTIN and co. sound interesting and good. Quite a combination though I did ponder if they all thought they were making the new PETER "Another mention? What's Going On??" GABRIEL album 'cos that what it sounds like in parts. So well done but it doesn't mean I'll stop mocking them.

The Incredible Sulk?

Another release that has got me going in a very real and meaningful way is EXOTIC CREATURES FROM THE DEEP by SPARKS. It's pretty much exactly how you think a Sparks 'record' is gonna sound: funny, melodic and different. Well done to them and top marks for writing a song called Lighten Up Morrissey. Though they chose Good Morning as the lead single the duo could have chosen any of the tracks (they're that good) and I want to single out (pun very much intended) the songs Likeable and The Director Never Yelled 'Cut' as top tunes. Don't mention games much here but I have been playing INDIANA JONES LEGO for the Wii and, as the young people are fond of saying, it's made of awesome.


'Til the next time,

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posted by Cameron McEwan at 4:16 pm -
  • At 11:11 pm, Blogger joy said…

    Mention NYC, and it's like my batsignal.

    We saw Indy 4 at the Ziegfeld, and no, it didn't make it any better. Well, ok, I take it back. The theatre IS beautiful, and the screen's ginormous, which makes *anything* better, I suppose.

    How much do I flippin' love that you were standing beside Lou Ferrigno - I was probably the only 5/6-year-old alternatively hiding behind a sofa and crushing on him. AND Dirk Benedict? Sigh. That, my friend, is made of WIN.

    And, except for the fabulous locations, Hulk didn't bowl me over, but I think I went in with ridiculously high expectations. Which was dumb on my part, I know.

    Oh! With every passing conversation/post/interview/panel about WALL•E, I've been vacillating between thinking I'll love it, and thinking I'll hate it. I think it's the Hello, Dolly! aspect that gets me every time.

  • At 5:43 am, Blogger Richard Starkings said…

    My good friend Tim HEROES Sale told me that if i listen to Coldplay, I must be gay -- "No," I protested, "Just ENGLISH!*" Which means if I was cast in a summer blockbuster you'd know I was the villain.

    The new Coldplay album sounds an awful lot like they swallowed Sigur Ros's last album. Which is fine by me.


    *Half Welsh so it doesn't count.

  • At 9:48 am, Blogger Cameron McEwan said…


    I first went to the Ziegfeld to see THE PHANTOM MENACE back in '99. I was amazed, not only, at its size but also its luxury and style (the theatre). Whenever I'm in NYC I try to catch a film there, regardless of quality. I saw the Disney craptacular ATANTIS there.

    I forgot to mention that whilst Lou was chatting to Dirk (swoon) a certain RICHARD HATCH was standing not 10 metres from them.

    I caught a clip of WALL•E on YouTube and it was tops. Very little dialogue though SIGOURNEY WEAVER was present sounding like she was reprising her role from FUTURAMA. Can't wait for that one.

  • At 9:51 am, Blogger Cameron McEwan said…


    Ha ha, Gay!

    Yeah, I think that gag was in THE 40~YEAR OLD VIRGIN and it made me hoot then too.

    But, hold on, I'm not English! Gah! What does that mean???

    Agree with you on Sigur Ros. There's a part of one of the tunes that sounds exactly like another ethereal 'band', MY BLOODY VALENTINE. All good though!

    PS. Nice name~dropping!

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