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Thursday, August 21, 2008
Poor bastid!

STARSKY & HUTCH 2.0 hits its first snag...

I am, of course, referring to my current fave show, MAESTRO. Just goes to show that regardless of quality and skill, a cheeky smile and a couple of gags can save your skin. Humourless, or "American" (joke!), DAVID "Got No" SOUL went out to BRADLEY "Really? He's Back On Telly? Really??" WALSH in a "tense" head~to~head. Again the show provided some larfs - no thanks to CLIVE "Where's My Neck Anyway?" ANDERSON - but we also got treated to some film and TV themes. The rendition of THE SIMPSONS theme was certainly the highlight but those judges; where did they dig up these lifeless tools? Cue BONEKICKERS gag.... sniff....

Tale as old as time...

Elsewhere on the BEEB - that's right no ITV in this household (not 'til Billie comes back) - I stuck with SPOOKS: CODE 9. Frankly, I wish I hadn't bothered. Although it was an improvement (and to their credit, a vast one at that) on last week's with some moments of actual interest and sense, the show is a mess. The script is as woeful as the team that regurgitates the drivel. All the points I made last week were here again so I won't go over old ground but I will specifically mention yet another night club scene (we get it - they're young!) that was intercut with the shooting of a policeman. Inexplicable and intensely irritating. But still, an improvement. Though I shan't be watching again.

'Tache alert!

Movie~wise, I've done some catching up this week but first my visit to the flicks to see SPACE CHIMPS. What a stinker. I'd forgotten that kids' films could actually be rubbish and this excelled in that department. I feel we (and I'll make that assumption that we all think the same) get used to CG films 'cos there's so many entertaining ones out there. Even the duff ones, MADAGASCAR for example, are still worth a watch and give a few giggles whilst being technically acceptable. And they're watchable by all. SPACE CHIMPS does not share these attributes. Badly designed, terribly animated and even more poorly scripted.

Goatee alert!

The gags are not there and there's nothing in this flick for the 'dults - have I just coined a new expression? This piece of work sets the genre back a decade or so. S'pose it balances up the uber~awesomeness of WALL•E. Sticking with kiddie flicks, I caught up with a couple of releases from earlier this year. Providing some much needed hoots was HORTON HEARS A WHO and I was muchly surprised at this little beauty. I was struck by the design and animation, the influence of TIMMY B's NBX showing again in its stop motion style.

Effed up S~bag alert!

I think perhaps, though, that casting STEVE "More From Him Later" CARELL and JIM "Nice Wife" CARREY together was a bit odd as their voices are quite similar. Other than that, a top way to pass 90 minutes or so. The same, however, cannot be said for the yawning chasm that was NIM'S ISLAND. Full marks to GERARD "What An Apaling CV" BUTLER for not getting an American or a Scottish accent right in this movie, that takes true talent my friend. The less said about JODIE "Flightplan 2 Anyone?" FOSTER and her agrophobic/OCD "antics" (or whatever the hell was wrong with her) the better but they were truly tedious. And why would they include that "shiz" in a kids film? For the 'dults? Hardly.

On closer inspection, I am wearing loafers...

Onto more mature films, well I say mature, the first offering here is WALK HARD: THE DEWEY COX STORY. Not exactly mature but it is nice to see JOHN "C" REILLY doing comedy again. Even better seeing JENNA "Not Long 'Til The Office Is Back" FISCHER (pictured below), especially in such a highly erotic fashion. But the film is way too long and the laughs light on the ground as a result; should have kept it in at 90 minutes. That's Cam's No.1 in his soon to be released guide to filmmaking. Gold stars and ten points to JACK WHITE for his ELVIS cameo and some too go to JACK BLACK, PAUL RUDD, JUSTIN LONG and JASON SCHWARTZMAN for their joint portrayal (pun intended) of THE BEATLES. Good stuff. Overall though, a missed opportunity. It became that which it parodied - the overblown, over~serious rock biopic.

Saucy cow!

Providing many more laughs, not to mention warmth, was DAN IN REAL LIFE. Before I "talk" about the film itself I feel I have to 'fess up here. I was put off going to see this flick in the cinema because of the poster. No, really. You can see it HERE (you see, it's so bad I won't even show you it) but I will explain that it makes the film look like some kind of ADAM SANDLER~esque dumb comedy romp (not that there's anything wrong with that) and so I didn't catch it at the cinema. My loss and a lesson learnt. I'm not sure if anyone has ever said this before but here we go: Don't Judge A Film By Its Poster - Regardless Of How Shite It May Appear.


It may be true to say that my enjoyment of this STEVE CARELL vehicle was enhanced because my expectations were low but there's a very simple pleasure to be had from this tale. A rather old one that features yet another dysfunctional family* and a 'journey' for the patriarch to undertake. As I say, familiar themes and issues but it's told so well and so wonderfully cast that its predictability (though not entirely) is not an issue. Mr Carell himself makes an endearing sole and his 'soul mate' is delightfully played by the effervescent JULIETTE "Whatever Happened To Leos Carax?" BINOCHE.

Prune~Face gets cast for the upcoming STAR WARS television series

The rest of the cast are tops too and this kind of film, which looks deceptively simple, makes me wonder why Hollywood (or the UK for that matter) aren't churning more of these flicks on a regular basis. For those, like me, put off by the poster and what the film seemed to represent - it even stars DANE "A Cheap Man's Ryan Reynolds?" COOK for eff's sake who is no barometer for quality and, to me, seems to be the very epitome of the kind of movie that I thought this was gonna be - don't be. The laughs are very real but it's the story and characters that you'll find yourself most attracted to.

In the world of music I caught the latest releases from IDA MARIA and THE YOUNG KNIVES and neither were particularly good. If I want to hear a woman shout and complain, I'll go and visit my first wife. The latter are not contributing much to the genre of staccato guitar pop but it's not terrible either, the odd good tune. Much more exciting are the two new songs posted by KINGS OF LEON on their MySpace page; check 'em out HERE. Can't wait for the album. Lastly, my faves, THEY MIGHT BE GIANTS have announced HERE that they're doing another kids album. Following on from their HERE COMES THE ... series, the guys are recording HERE COMES SCIENCE. I wonder if it'll have anything from the SINGING SCIENCE album...?


'Til the next time,

* Some would argue now that the American family can only be regarded as 'normal' if they are dysfunctional - thereby, in a post~modern ironic twist, making the 'dysfunction' a 'function' of normalcy. But more of that next year in my dissertation.

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