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Thursday, September 11, 2008
Introducing... PREGANO RIBBONS!


That's just one of the delightful subject lines from the many spam emails I get (as I imagine you do too). If I ever need a pseudonym, that's what I'm gonna call myself - Pregano Ribbons. Anyway to important stuff like what's on telly 'n' all that. In fact, before that (and for those interested), my review of DAVEY T in HAMLET will be posted in the next few days along with a review of the DOCTOR WHO exhibition in Cardiff. I may even post an audio recording of the 'Scottish' actor from said play... (Please ignore that last remark if you are in any way connected with the RSC or are legally minded.)

More knockers!

So after the highs of a topping four day stay~cation (managed to avoid the real bad weather for those who care) I return to the moribund world of UK television. MAESTRO came to an end by which time my enthusiasm had withered slightly. Next time, do some STAR WARS tunes! Hope it comes back next year though. Similarly, DRAGON'S DEN rumbled to a stop with yet another 'emotional' pitch. And here was me thinking it was about business. Thankfully, the Drags didn't fall for the woman's "I forgot everything" routine (READER: a bit harsh Cam? She did have a stroke after all. ME: Meh). HARRY "Get Back To The Eighties!" ENFIELD and PAUL "Get Back To The Nineties!" WHITEHOUSE inadvisedly returned to our screens with another series entitled HARRY & PAUL. That's right, they dropped the "Ruddy Hell! It's" from its name, but kept some of the same yawn~some 'characters' - what a re~branding!

How many more animals must die to make her look like sh*t?

I only mention it because they did a Dragon's Den sketch that got a chuckle purely for the purile visual stabs at the tycoons. However, they missed the biggest gag about the show - the camera work. Ripe for parody but sadly Smell~field and Shite~house (see what I did there? I'm being like them) can only muster Stavros accents and funny faces. Elsewhere, I started to watch A NUMBER but got instantly revulsed by RHYS "Still Gets Work!" IFANS (and that's when there was only one of him) and his piss~poor skills. TOM "Should Know Better" WILKINSON didn't fare much better surprisingly but the script was annoyingly pretentious with the words A Number repeated so much and the word Clone never said (Oh I get it - how clever!) that I literally turned it off and watched the final two episodes of TAKING OVER THE ASYLUM (which I had taped - yes, some of us still use VHS!)

Never Mind The Sweat Patches...

One of the problems with Asylum is that you get dizzying highs (Eddie's new found happiness) juxtaposed instantly with aching lows (his girlfriend's self harm). It neatly tries to match that which it charts - the depressed, the disenfranchised and the downright bonkers. I feared the ending would leave me in tears but I was to be rewarded with a statisfying ending rather than utterly joyous. [RICHARD MADELEY] A bit like life itself... [/RICHARD MADELEY]I'm gonna miss this show and I am eternally grateful to BBC4 for screening it. Now, how 'bout showing TUTTI FRUTTI?

Never Mind The Plus Fours....

Not so joyous has been MUTUAL FRIENDS. Still good but not nearly as funny as its start and it's gone all drama unfortunately. And why is everyone such a huge C. in it? Very few redeeming characters. I like my TV fluffy and likable. A bit like my first wife. TORCHWOOD returned with a one~off episode (to 'celebrate' Big Bang Day - yawn) but don't worry in case you missed it/hadn't heard about, it was on the radio. I'll be honest, it's not a format that flatters the show; the medium requires (to work well) actors with some guile and skill. Can you see where this is going? Moving on, the story was fine but the script didn't serve its purpose at all. A missed opportunity.

He's smiling but really thinking, "That's not the Fergie I ordered"

Movie~wise, I caught MAN ON WIRE - a one day showing at my local multi~flick building. Although this documentary is an absolute joy to watch it does (purposefully, I would imagine) leave a number of questions about the whole project. I suspect that if it had not been for PHILIPE PETIT's Joie de Vivre then this could have been a much duller affaire. We were treated to some startling footage taken from his life demonstrating not only his skill but the teamsmanship (is that a word?) undertaken by his crew. Add to this some delightful accomplices and breathtaking still photography and you've got yourself a well~told tale. Well, almost.

Yup, that is Michael "Elephant Man" Jackson

I cannot have been the only person, after seeing this film, that wanted to know 'why'. Why did he wire~walk from one World Trade Center building to another? There was no financial renumeration and, in fact, there was considerable trouble looming legally. Not to mention dying, of course. And why did the others get involved? When Petit is asked by the NYPD that very question he has no answer. Now, I realise (in a very Yoda~like way) that whole point is there is no 'why'. That was the point. But are we to seriously believe that a boy sitting in a dentist's waiting room sees a picture of a structure (yet to be built) and thinks, "That's now my dream!"?

Peaches proves she's a class act...

Well, according to the documentary, that is the case. There are other unanswered questions which makes me wonder if he has a book coming out that he wants us all to buy. What's he up to now? Why did his pal burst into tears at the memory of their, now ended, friendship? Where did he get all the money (not to forget time) to do all this stuff? Must have had a few quid. Still, if that doesn't bother you (and why should it?) then you will lurve it. Sadly, I'm a stickler for facts and questions, though I still thoroughly enjoyed it. MAN ON WIRE takes the 'document' out of 'documentary' - leaving just an 'ary'. No, hold on; that doesn't work. Oh well, how French of me...

Will the US version of LIFE ON MARS be totally pish?

'Til the next time,

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posted by Cameron McEwan at 10:19 am -
  • At 9:35 am, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    audio recording? I bloody love you! cheers from the off-UK loyal fan, who saw Hamlet on the 5th and wants more! Arwyn-t :D

  • At 9:42 am, Blogger Cameron McEwan said…

    Yup, audio!

    I'm in the process of writing a review and then I'll look at sticking some of the audio up too. It's not the best quality but its listenable. I managed to record the whole thing along with the Q&A which, of course, Davey T did not attend.

    You were there on the 5th - same here! I was four rows from the stage and saw his pants [UK]. Calvin Klein indeed...

    I went to see Taming Of The Shrew the following night which was also very good.

  • At 12:41 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Yup, I was there on the 5th, in the first row-corner, two seats, just by the left side of the left corridor, me with white shirt and long hair, my friend with dark blue hoodie and short hair. I loved every minute of it, plus the Q&A! I took a pretty long look at who was around before the play started, but I can't say that I recognised any face from the DWF. Too bad, I would have loved to have said hello in person.

    Looking forward to the audio, thanks so much! May I PM you here or in the DWF to give you my email, just in case you decide to post the audios in a different site? I'm 'arwyn-t' in the DWF. Thanks! Arwyn :D

  • At 5:39 pm, Blogger Cameron McEwan said…

    I'll probably be posting the audio on BLOGTOR WHO. Been listening it today and, to be honest, it's not great quality but I'll stick the 'best' bits up.

    I don't post on DWF anymore due to some unpleasantness but feel free to pass on the links there when they get posted.

  • At 5:42 pm, Blogger Cameron McEwan said…

    Oh yeah, I'll mentioning this in my review but I also overheard a conversation regarding the possibility of a DVD release of the show.

    Apparently the only thing stopping it being made for release is finding a producer. Once they've done that then it's all go!

    That came from a member of the RSC staff.

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