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Saturday, September 27, 2008
VIC REEVES - What Happened?
Your ass used to be beautiful, man.

This is not Vic, it's MICKEY ROURKE! Lookin' good Mickey!

I'm paraphrasing from JACKIE BROWN there but you get the idea - what has happened to VIC REEVES? He was once a god and now he's giving Lucifer a run for his money in the 'fallen' department. But why, I imagine you are asking, am I lamenting his career today? Well I just caught a snatch of him on a television 'show' (and I use the phrase quite wrongly - there's no 'show' there) called HOLE IN THE WALL, the latest in celeb orientated challenge shows. But this one seems to have reached a 5IVE style nadir for the BEEB; it's not so much as dumbing down as the removal of all humanity.

The DAILY MAIL said she looked like Gollum, the cheeky bastids...

Well, maybe not quite but you get the idea. For those who haven't seen it (well done to you) it involves celebs (again, I use the term incorrectly) such as VANESSA FELTZ and THE CHEEKY GIRLS (gulp) get hit by a wall and fall into some water. No, really. Anyway, back to Mr Moir and his hideous descent into nothingness. I lurved, really lurved that guy back in the early Nineties and his BIG NIGHT OUT and the 'sequel' THE SMELL OF REEVES & MORTIMER are works of genius and will live on for many years. Hell, even SHOOTING STARS was, for the most part, memorable. But then came the dive.

SACHA BARON COHEN unveils his latest outfit...

The follow up to The Smell Of ..., the poorly named BANG!BANG! IT'S REEVES & MORTIMER, was not good. And then what for the man? After leaving Mortimer we got presented with a deluge of adverts, woeful SKY shows, an appearance on I'M A CELEB GET ME OUT OF HERE and a descent into criminality. To cap this off, he returned to radio last year with what seemed like a good idea. Yup, seemed. It was embarrassing as it was it excreable. A new low but at least he was trying. And now this, Hole In The Wall. My message to the man? Vic, please stop and let some of us try and remember what made you a flippin' God in the first place.

It's difficult to tell if she's got her eyes open or not...

Moving on. Elsewhere on UK TV, I watched FRIDAY NIGHT WITH JONATHAN ROSS for the first time in... well, a long time. I did so 'cos SIMON "Tries To get A Reference In To Hating STAR WARS In Every Interview Now - Get Over It You Child!" PEGG was on and he's always VFM. Sadly, I'd forgotten Ross's lamentable interviewing style which is as lazy as it is non~existent. Resorting to dancing together is not entertaining. This guy is making films, and he's British! And successful!! Ask him some intelligent questions you jerk! He spent five minutes trying to get him to a flippin Scottish accent, who cares?

Gob open, full of food with a phone down her knockers - classy!

On the downloads, THE OFFICE is back! Huzzah! Double Huzzah! I say double 'cos it was an "hour" long (an American hour, ie. 42 minutes or so) episode and it was a corker. AMY RYAN is sticking with the cast and is doing a fine job, revealing a neat talent for comedy. The short rap with Michael had me hooting. Annoyingly, they ended the Kevin is Mentally~Challenged storyline here - well, it was good while it lasted. Knowing how to keep relationships funny, sorry I mean 'watchable', in sitcoms is tricky and the production team have wisely separated Jim and Pam - though the proposal was an excellent moment (thankfully brief too).

Somebody tell JJ we got the Flux Capacitor working again...

These "double" episodes give the characters a chance to show their worth, which is just as well as there's anumber in the cast. CARELL, as always, is never far from perfect and we got a nice nod to DAVID BRENT as Michael grew a goatee (if for only a couple of days). A rather unusual device here (for a sitcom anyway) was the time setting - we got shown what happened over summer. A time, according to SEINFELD, when nothing much happens. Top marks to ANDY "Wet Tuna" BERNARD (who looks like he's in for a rough ride) for changing the lyrics to RHIANNA'S Umbrella to fit in "Ang~E~Rella" but a gold sticky star to Jim for the line, "Beer me five". Classic.

The bin says it all. We're all concerned at this waste.

Music~wise, there's been a number of releases in the past few weeks and, as usual, I've forgotten to review them. Until now! I'll try and approach them chronologically. First up, Brain Thrust Mastery from WE ARE SCIENTISTS. I was expecting the usual indie guitar yawnsome fare but these guys have got a few tricks up their collective sleeves. Whilst not entirely original - one of the tracks sounds a lot like SQUEEZE, incredibly - some top tunes in there and the opening track, Ghouls, is remarkable.

Take two Winelists into the shower?

GLASVEGAS have been causing a stir over here but, from what I can make out, it's quite unwarranted. Their eponymously titled album stinks and one of the tracks (I'm way too lazy to find out which one 'cos it angered me so much) is possible the worst 'song' I've heard in quite some time. The lyrics would be embarrasing if you were a sixteen year~old stuck in your bedroom 'cos you can't get a ride let alone a 'hip' musician in his twenties. There, I said it. Avoid the hype. Sticking with self~titled albums, the LADYHAWKE release should also be given a miss. They've got one song and play about ten times.

She's a 'hot' Sugababe and she's an effed up S~bag - The Original Odd Couple!

Onto some good stuff now and an album well worth checking out is Me & Armini from EMILIANA TORRINI. Starts off like some jazz thang and then morphs into FEIST~like tunes whilst taking a detour through the garden of PJ HARVEY. Stunning stuff. Big Jumps sounds like it's from an advert (and probably is) but it's an upbeat and fresh sound; fans of REGINA SPEKTOR will take heart from it too. Lastly, KINGS OF LEON are back with their fourth release, Only By The Night. The excellent single, Sex On Fire - which, to me, could be the title of a Prince song - sounds like SIMPLE MINDS, according to my dad. Yup, that remark smacked my gob too. He is old though. The album itself is pretty much the usual from these guys - reliably brilliant. Future single, Crawl, will burn up the radio and the tracks that surround it whenever it's released. A strangely real band in a time full of comic guitar outfits filling up the charts.

Ah, it's the old one shoe on, one show off pose...

'Til the next time,

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posted by Cameron McEwan at 8:39 pm -
  • At 12:03 am, Blogger Richard said…

    Vic and Bob also did the oddest piece of Saturday night TV ever, Families at War. To this day I've no idea how it got commissioned but I wish it had gone on longer.

    And there was the Randall & Hopkirk (Deceased), which was alright. Complete with mental Tom Baker-ness. Wonder what the odds are of finding a torrent of it.

    So yeah. He was indeed betterer in the past.

  • At 12:21 am, Blogger Cameron McEwan said…

    Families at War featured that classic Leo Sayer moment if I remember correctly (which I do).

    As for Randall & Hopkirk, I've got them on DVD. Pretty good stuff and there's an appearance from Davey T in one of the episodes.

  • At 12:25 am, Anonymous Whelks said…

    Had the misfortune to walk in to my livingroom when "Hole in the Wall" was on the telly. I sat through the last fifteen minutes or so, struck dumb.

    I waited for what I expected would be "the next round", which might involve some sort of "It's A Knockout"-style mad-cappery. Naive of me to believe that the wall was perhaps just one part of a multitude of gimmicks....

    But no - just more rounds involving the advancing wall. Which got faster. Woohoo.

    And I'm afraid I wasn't impressed with Merlin, but that's another story.....

    Aiieee - can't get the vision of Vanessa Feltz in a skin-tight suit out of my head!

    Sorry to see Blogtor Who spinning off into the vortex. A website that was always at the forefront of Who news, I salute the fine efforts of all involved at Blogtor Towers.

    Incidentally, I must check out Kings of Leon following the Simple Minds reference. I was listening to some vintage "pre-stadium" Simple Minds very recently on the i-pod. Splendid!

  • At 12:45 am, Blogger Cameron McEwan said…

    It really was shocking tv. Me and Mrs StuffOnTv just looked on in bewilderment.

    Merlin was very poor. So poor that I omitted it from the blog. So many things wrong with tonight's tale.

    Just to clarify, the Kings Of Leon don't sound like the 'Minds. I think my dad had gone mad. He hears something and immediately will liken it to something else regardless of what it is actually like.

    Favourite tune by the 'Minds? for me either Glittering Prize or Someone, Somewhere, In Summertime. Real good tunes, before they went all U2.

    thanks for the kind words about Blogtor. I survived the BBC but not that fans!

  • At 1:05 am, Anonymous Whelks said…

    Think I'll still try to check out the Kings anyway - always on the lookout for a good recommendation.

    I agree with both of your Simple Minds choices, and would lob in "Love Song" and "Changeling" too.

    Hmmm....must go and rake out my CDs......

  • At 11:57 am, Blogger Cameron McEwan said…

    Yup, the Kings are well worth checking out.

    Lovesong is a cracker too. I like Promised You A Miracle but its memory got ruined by the subsequent live versions which were all plops.

  • At 4:28 pm, Blogger FRANK said…

    Hole In The Wall - Jesus H Christ. God help us. I sat through last week's edition and quite frankly it made Merlin look like Fellini. And no, that's not a funny type of pasta.

    Kings Of Leon/Simple Minds Not really able to comment on KOL but the Minds were very good until that effing song they did for The Breakfast Club. The early stuff, especially Empires And Dance, Sons And Fascination, Sister Feelings Call, New Gold Dream...tip top.

    Vic Reeves - RIP, I'm afraid. He's just paying off the mortgages on his dozen houses no doubt.

    Merlin - rapidly going downhill. I'm gonna keep reviewing just so I can make lots of knob jokes.

    Blogtor Who - Very, very sad this has ended. Loved that site.

  • At 7:10 pm, Blogger Cameron McEwan said…

    I was chatting to a friend of mine today (over a game of dominoes in the pub, no less) about Mr Reeves. But we overlooked the fact the BEEB spent actual money on this show. That's the real travesty here.

    Oddly enough, the song for THE BREAKFAST CLUB, the risible Don't You Forget About Me, wasn't even written by The ' Minds. Lazy bastids!

    Vic was everything to me as a lad. I remember going into school the next day and re~enacting the scenes from BIG NIGHT OUT with another fan. Ah, great times. (Hold on they weren't - I hated school!)

    Merlin, good god! I mean, the first episode wasn't great but last night's was a stinker. They need to get Eve Myles back in it...

    Finally, thanks for your kind words and support about BLOGTOR WHO. They are much appreciated, I put a lot into that site in a relatively small amount of time.

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