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Tuesday, October 28, 2008
WHO'S THE WORST - Katy Perry, Jon Ross Or Rusty Brand?
The British media would have you believe that his trio are bad people.

Bad, badder and baddest?

I'll start with the delectable KATY "Am I Zooey Deschanel?" PERRY, who tightens my trousers in a very real and meaningful way at the very mention of her name. What did she do? She posed with a knife in a photograph (that was never officially used - I will add) and THE SUN did THIS story (and started an e~petition to legitimise this farce). I use the word 'story' in its actual sense - a work of fiction. According to this article she's a "global role model for teenagers". Really? Is she?? The insinuation here, I'm assuming, is that if she uses a knife, then all her fans will.

Will her fans dress up as an egg?

Now, correct me if I am wrong, but didn't she sing a song called I Kissed A Girl? Is everyone kissing girls now as a result? No. People are singing along to her records. (Or downloads, whatever!) What effs me off here is the hypocrisy that exists in the UK regarding supposed 'role models'. What's the big film of the moment (go on, think!) ... yup, QUANTUM OF SOLACE. Guess what is plastered all over shops, billboards, buses, TV ads, et al? That's right, DANIEL "Great Big Man Tits!" CRAIG wielding a huge gun. Does anyone blink an eye there?

Will her fans use spoons? Only time will tell...

Of course not. Why? I'll tell you why. What's the difference between these two images - lurvely Katy Perry with a knife (in a leaked imaged) and bug~eared Danny C with an Uzi (or whatever) in official merchandising? Do you know reader? She is a woman and in this country (well, the readers of THE SUN anyway) that just ain't on. A woman appropriating a weapon (pretty phallic too) is not OK but a man can do what the flip he likes. It's fucking disgusting. There, look what they made me do! I did a swear.

Welcome back UGMO, we missed you!

And while we're at it, nobody bats an eyelid when chefs wield blades. Nobody cares when people get killed, raped, attacked, burgled on telly/film (unless they are instructed to - a point I will adress in the ROSS/BRAND debacle) because it's not real. TV promotes far worse things and in more terrible ways than a pop singer holding a knife represents. The bottom line is that a youth will use a knife regardless of what Katy flippin' Perry does. In fact, I would wager they would actually be less inclined to use a blade after seeing her with one. Next case purlease!

Classy stuff gals (see what I did there?)

Ah, MR BRAND and MR ROSS, take a seat children. If you don't know, THIS is what I'm referring to. An event that happened 10 days ago has now made news because the media has made it so. After the show was broadcast only TWO complaints were logged - both regarding JR's language. Now, after the press has created a story to keep our minds busy 'cos we're sick of hearing/reading about the CRUNCH, over 10,000 complaints have been received. Unbelievable.

Won't somebody please think of the children?

It's been out there over a week and nobody cared until some snivelling little C of a journo thought it would make a good read. Now, I am not condoning their behaviour. I heard it as it was broadcast (and subsequently podcasted - again, nobody cared when that happened) and felt bad for ANDREW SACHS having to put up with that kind of juvenilia. Poor taste and teenage~like in feel but obscene? Give me a fucking break. (There, another swear!)

She's saying, "S'up bitches!"

Like the Katy Perry incident (or 'Perry~Gate' as I now call it), there's more 'obscenity' in an episode of EASTENDERS than there was in the phrase, "he f**ked your grandaughter". Christ, in a recent SIMPSONS tale there were some near~the~knuckle references to the I.R.A. that even I felt were over the mark for TV (funny though, it has to be said). HARRY HILL'S TV BURP recently likened HEATHER MILLS to HITLER and he joked about Soweto AIDS Orphanages, did anyone blink? Of course not.

The Hat! The 'Tache! It's the ALL NEW Holmes & Watson Hour!

Messrs Ross and Brand acted tediously, for sure. They are capable of better (though I'll be surprised if wee see it) but the reaction is a nonsense and it reflects more on our society than it does two nut~job RADIO 2 presenters. I feel it worth adding that in Brand's most recent show he repeated the 'song' he sang in one of the messages to Sachs, referring to the 'menstrual cycle' of his grandaughter (that was the bit I didn't like). Yup, repeated! All before the furore. The press haven't latched onto that fact yet demonstrating just how effin' lazy they all are.

Jeez, Paul Simon has let himself go...

Sinisterly, in two 'publications' (Daily Mail and The Sun) they felt the need to print pictures of the young girl in question. But these were not normal pictures (like the ones that accompanied the three men featured in the article), oh no. These were of her dressed as, and I'm using a technical term here, a 'Satanic Slut'. For those curious, go HERE. You get the idea though. It's almost as if the papers are complicit - she deserved it 'cos she dresses 'provocatively' and may have (no evidence to support this, but who cares?) an 'alternative' lifestyle.

Rising Damp: The Musical continues...

Crucially, we're down to gender issues again. The media have a place for women and they'll try anyway possible to position them as 'whores'. Albeit subtlety (though not that subtle, 'cos I spotted it!) but who speaks up against this? Loose Women? Greer? Nope. That's the real 'elephant in the room' and it's left to your humble bloggers to rant on the ineffectualities, discriminations and inequalities that exist within the media and, by extension, the world. These are not new tropes of our society, by any manner of means, I just thought we were passed all that sh*t. Seems not.

Poor Kiki...

'Til the next time,

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posted by Cameron McEwan at 7:12 pm -
  • At 9:03 pm, Blogger Misssy M said…

    First of all I think that it's got as many complaints because the type of listener Brand gets expects this kind of juvenile stuff. It's now out to a wider audience who are offended.

    Personally i'm glad the two of them are being made to account for doing this. i always liked Brand- felt that in general in his Big Mouth thing he would be a bit rude but always kind to the people in his show and those who called in. He was not kind to Andrew Sachs. He was the same to Rod Stewart. Completely out of order.

    Now Ross- even worse- he's a father of two daughters. How would he feel subjected to this about his girls?

    I couldn't give a damn about swearing- it's the borderline mysogeny, lack of respect for family and the sub Noel Edmondesque prank call masquerading as comedy that offends.

    Ross has got away with treating his guests as a butt of a sniggering puerile joke for too long- I used to be a fan. And i suspect that the fact that he said "I'm worth 1000 journalists" about his BBC newsroom coleagues is in no small part a contrution to the press drubbing he's getting.

    Prank calls? On the BBC? "He fucked your grand-daughter" from someone who earns 6million a year? FFS!

  • At 10:22 pm, Blogger Cameron McEwan said…

    My main problem is the sleeping nature of this 'event'. It doesn't sit right with me that it took place so long ago and after a week it suddenly becomes a problem. It took the media to bump this up, the actual act went unnoticed.

    I'm not too bothered about the 'quality' of the men involved - both on downward spiral (Ross, as you mention, started his a while back). Sure, some might have found it funny so I don't want to focus on the taste aspect of it all. They (and I mean Ross & Brand) should have had the sense to pull that segment (and especially keep it out of the podcast) but these guys seem to think they're invincible.

    There's no~one saying STOP. Brand's 'normal' co~host Matt Morgan is no longer there and the show has been dire without him. Ross, well who's gonna stop him? Gordon Brown? Let's hope so.

    I also find the use of 'Prank Call' in the media a bit odd. It was abuse, not a prank. No 'trick' was played.

    One thing's for sure, Ross's show on Friday will get a few more viewers, myself included. Something I haven't done in a while.

    Like you, I used to be a fan of the Ross~meister but now I can barely watch him or tune in. Sadly, Brand seems to be going that way for me too. On the show together the thing that annoyed me most was the fact that they shouted continuously and did it repeatedly over one another. Amateur at best.

    But, as I tried to allude to, there's a lot more tasteless and awful things going on in the world of tv than this pair of numbnuts.

  • At 12:20 pm, Blogger FRANK said…

    Let's face it: Rusty and Wossy have had their noses in the media trough way too long. What they did to Sachs was puerile and offensive. They almost got away with it. Until, said media decides to hang them out to dry.

    Cam, this is all a media game. They're out to get the pair of them and they've dug up Sachs-gate to do so. Cue vast amounts of hypocrisy and whipping the public into a frenzy.

    I agree with misssy me about the fact Ross in particular probably wouldn't like it if the shoe was on the other foot, should we say.

    Yes, it's a media backlash. Yes, it's hypocritical of a mass media that is saturated with sex and violence, bigotry, misogyny and racism.

    But in the end, they still did something that demonstrated a total lack of sensitivity.

    Cam, I worry that there isn't someone out there saying STOP. There needs to be a serious debate about media manipulation and hypocrisy but we've no one who's got the guts to do it and get their hands dirty and deal with, as you say, the big bad world where things are in a parlous state. Sachs-gate is just the thinest, thinest end of a complex wedge and because it's Rusty and Wossy that's all we hear above the other din.

  • At 2:42 pm, Blogger Cameron McEwan said…

    Thin end of the wedge indeed!

    I found the money spent, time wasted on BONEKICKERS and SPOOKS~CODE 9 much more troubling, offensive and upsetting than these wannabe teenagers antics.

    Still, I note they've been suspended and yet a second series of ASHES TO ASHES still gets made!

  • At 2:11 am, Blogger FRANK said…

    I'd be more worried about the 2,500 illegal advertisements screened by Sky just to fuck with people's heads to tell them how bad Richard Branson and Virgin Media are. As usual Ofcom have done bugger all about it.

    Hey, I like Ashes To Ashes!

    But, yeah. Bonekickers and that Spooks thing were both crap. I'll give ya that.

    I think the suspensions and Brand actually resigning were wrong. They apologised and knew they'd made a mistake. Enough. But no, Daily Mail middle-Englanders wanted their pound of flesh. The witch hunt and the mob mentality have upset me more than anything else today.

    That and Tennant going too.

  • At 8:14 am, Blogger Cameron McEwan said…

    Yes, resignations never solve problems, they just make them disappear from the public consciousness. It's something that also happens in politics too much.

    The issues need to be tackled, not swept away. I've always thought that the best person to have 'on staff' when something goes wrong is somebody that was there before who could identify the problems. If people resign, no~one learns (or gets the opportunity to).

    Brand's video message really touched me (maybe I'm just a softy - part of me still lurves him obviously). Personally, I think the best solution would have been the two idiots apologising in person to Andrew on JR's Friday show. (Good for the BEEB viewing figures too!)

    And as for Davey T! The bastid! It was my birthday yesterday and he certainly tinged it with sadness. Though I was more upset that Cathy T didn't win... snifff.

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