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Friday, January 02, 2009
The 11th Doctor - Just Who The Eff WILL It Be?
It's list time!

Rowan Atkinson, why's he not been mentioned?

A while back, I did THIS post where I collated some actors who hadn't been linked with role of The Doctor in BBC's 'popular' show, DOCTOR WHO. Well, as we're now within a day of finding it who it actually is, here are some thoughts on the names being touted. I'll start with the bookies' favourite, Paterson Joseph.

Paterson Joseph

I find it too convenient that his name was bandied about so heavily in the media just before a big BBC series, Survivors, was about to begin. A second series has been commissioned and he's also been doing the No.1 Ladies Detective Agency. Too busy? Perhaps. Also, everytime I see Paterson I picture him saying "Aberdeen" a la Alan Johnson in Peep Show. He's brilliant, don't get me wrong but I just don't see it. Next up....

Robert Carlyle

It's Robert Carlyle. Doubtful as he's taken on a lead role in a US series. Personally, I think he would be tops but a bit would the British public accept a Scottish Doctor? Uh oh, hold on.... Elsewhere, Alan Davies is still being mentioned (has been since the flippin' Nineties!) but would the British public accept a curly haired Doctor? Uh oh, hold on....

Jason Statham

Incredibly, Jason Statham gets mentioned in these polls. I would make a better Doctor and I cannot act! Not gonna happen. Similarly, Russell Tovey isn't going to happen either but because RTD mentioned how good he was the press feel the need to include his name. Without being rude, look at the guy! The Slitheen would have dealt with him quicker than you could say Pob. RTD also foolishy name~checked Harry Lloyd in a similar fashion. Won't happen either, not yet anyway.

Richard E Grant

Did someone say Richard E Grant? Gawd knows why. He hasn't acted since Withnail & I. Not convincingly anyway. He has 'previous' with Doctor Who however, check out the online tale Scream Of The Shalka and his appearance in The Curse Of The Fatal Death. The latter written by a certain Steven Moffat. Not gonna be him either though. Another actor to have played The Doctor in that very same Comic Relief story was.....

Hugh Grant

Now this is possible. Why? Well RTD & Co. wanted him before Chris "Grumpy Bastid" Eccleston but he refused only to publicly regret it later. Curiously, RTD banged on about how good he was as The Doctor in the most recent edition of DOCTOR WHO CONFIDENTIAL. Though, knowing how the outgoing producer works, that could be a smokescreen. BUT, The Moff~ster likes his handsome leading men (Jack Davenport anyone?) and who is more handsome than Huge Grunt?

David Walliams [left] and Mark Gatiss

David Walliams! Can't see him doing it at all and he's only on the bookies' list 'cos he said he would do it if asked. Having seen him act 'properly', I think I can safely discount him. And while I'm carelessly dismissing candidates, who the hell put Daniel Radcliffe in there? He's sort of busy for the next year or so - not him either! John Simm? Nah, he left LIFE ON MARS 'cos it was too intense for him, workwise. Now, let's talk old people.

Bill Nighy

Bill Nighy seems to be the perfect choice for us older fans who want a return to the values that.. yawn, sorry I couldn't get through that sentence. But seriously an older Doc would be very interesting but the workload the show demands (look what's happened to poor Davey T!) would seem to eliminate the 'older' crew like Anthony Head. And Stephen "Too Busy To Write For Doctor Who 'Cos He Wanted To Do Flippin' Kingdom" Fry is simply too fat.

Stephen Fry

Now, back to the serious contenders, or rather the names the Bookies keep throwing up. James McAvoy? Isn't he a little too Hollywood? Plus, would Britain accept a Scottish.. uh, I've done that gag already. The other big name that's linked with the part is James Nesbitt and, I have to admit, I do not care for him at all. Worringly, he has worked with Stevey M on Jekyll (as did Paterson Joseph, remember him?) so there may be a connection. I sincerely hope not, he is limp~making in every sense.

James Nesbitt

Speaking of being limp, Matt Smith's name has come to the fore in the past few days. Interestingly, and I use the word quite wrongly, I mentioned him in THIS post when I was suggesting his co~star in Party Animals would be a good choice. I think Matt would be great but he's probably a bit too much like Davey T (though the BEEB may think that's a good thing) in appearance to make his own mark.

Matt Smith [left] and Sean Pertwee

Sean Pertwee has had his monkier plastered about too. I haven't seen enough of his work to make an informed opinion. I will make this warning, however, just remember what happened the last time an actor with the same surname as a previous actor playing the Doctor was given the job. *coughs* Exactly! Another name I can't really comment on is Ben Whishaw.

Ben Whishaw

Yup, that's him there in I'm Not There. Nice outift though. Definitely a possible as he's the right age and a handsome lad to boot. Lastly, there's Chiwetel Ejiofor (that's easy for you to say). A very good actor with a look that one could define as 'Doctor~y' but is he too big for the part? He's done a number of films and he may think WHO is a step back. Would be a great choice and is it a coincidence that BBC2 are screening Kinky Boots on Sunday? Perhaps.

Chiwetel Ejiofor

'Til the next time,

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