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Wednesday, February 18, 2009
"If You Want To Have Intercourse With That Woman, Find Out What Cologne Her Father Wore"

I was looking for a job and then I found a job but....

Television is an odd place. Between Come Dine With Me and Masterchef, in the middle of Coronation St and Eastenders and slightly to the left of Watchdog, lies an appearance by Morrissey on UK 'magazine' programme, The One Show. And not just an appearance, he was there for the whole flippin' half hour. Don't believe me? Go check it out on the iPlayer. It's an almost Frost/Nixon type battle between the Moz~man, Adrian "General Staal" Chiles and Christine "Servalan" Bleakley.

... heaven knows I'm completely grossed out now!

Elsewhere on 'real' telly, Michel Gondry directed the most recent episode of Flight Of The Conchords. Not an outrageously brilliant episode but there were his trademark visuals present and some more Aussie VS New Zealand antics going on. The week before there was a lurvely song from Mel that also featured some nut~huggingly beautiful visuals; as well as another nice crane shot (utilised in the first season).

Look at that guy's hairline! Jude Law in A.I. anyone?

For the first time ever I actually had to look away during an episode of The Office. Poor Michael had a meltdown when visiting another branch and Pam had to take over. Her presentation was more eye~flamingly cringeworthy than Mr Scott could ever manage; a real nice set piece from the ever trouser~tightening Jenna Fischer. Whilst that 'story' was taking place (ggrrrr, don't give me stories, I want larfs), Jim and Dwight teamed up on the party~planning group to great effect. More of those two together purlease.

The American version of Doctor Who begins filming...

And so to the show which delivered this post's title, The Big Bang Theory. It came from Leonard's mother and was referring to the 'hottie' (hhmmm, not quite) Penny. I was genuinely shocked to hear that kind of remark. Shocked but botty~slappingly amused. It was certainly an unpleasant idea but then again so is life, and we all seem to be getting on with that. Erm, where was I?

The Beard! The Ginge! The Blood! The Sweaty Chest!

Lost continues to give my dry~cleaners a reason to send his kids to college every week despite the return of the dullards (Mathew Fox and company). Though the 'revelation' that the French burd was Rousseau was about five minutes too late for some of us, the makers are ramping up the intrigue though it appears the time~traveling aspect is about to stop. Pah, I wanted to see the future! Sadly, one of the gang has gone (for the moment anyway).

No! They've got rid of one the good ones! Bah!!!

I say sadly 'cos she caused an arousal or two in my brainium, poor Charlotte. Don't get rid of the good ones! Char was at least interesting and, at best, worthy of a special cuddle. And poor little Daniel, who is proving (as I stated last year when he first appeared) that he is the real star of the show along with dreamy future Doctor Who contender, Desmond. Anyway, more bloody noses = more good times!

Trouser alert!

Film~wise, I caught the return of Stuff~On~TV favourite Amy Adams in Doubt. Man, that was a good film. The performances from the Streepster and the Hoff~man (not to mention little Amy!) were mesmerising and it's a pity that PSH found himself in the Supporting Actors category at the OSCARS as he deserves a better nod than that for such a highly complex, yet utterly engaging role. Top, top work from all concerned. From top to bottom now with Rachel Getting Married.

"Of course you'll find a husband..."

Incredibly, this has received OSCAR attention for Hathaway's performance. Yes, she's good but it's all too affected to be real. Yes, she's an annoying spoilt brat but I find her annoying in most films. I should point out that I couldn't make it past the first half hour with this piece or 'work' so maybe she got better; maybe I'm being a but harsh but I can think of a number of performances that were much better than hers in the past year. Ultimately she won't win the award, it'll be Winslet or Streep.

Nice trousers! Oh, hold on you aren't wearing any, just a shirt - skank!

Another OSCAR contender, and rightly so, was Angeline Jolie in Changeling. A fascinating and gorgeous movie that also disgusts in equal measures; mainly because it's based on a true story. It's a frustrating watch however and feels incredibly disjointed with some narrative jumps and one too many 'endings'. The script also could have been polished a tad, relying frequently on cliche or the performance to gloss over its inadequacies. A cracking watch, however, that could have been tidied up into a modern great to rank alongside LA Confidential; a work which evokes immensely.

I had heard that Joaquin Phoenix went a bit mad...

Finally a huge thank you to those of you who have popped over to Real World Remixed to hear my version of Games Without Frontiers by Peter Gabriel. You don't have to register to listen but you do if you want to rate it or leave a comment. It can be heard HERE or you can use the embedded player below.

'Til the next time,

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