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Monday, February 23, 2009
The SLUMDOGS, Sorry, I mean The OSCARS 2009
Poor Petey G.

New form of cock~blocking?

During the past week or so I've been catching up on all the major OSCAR movies so my opinion could be informed when I groaned and shouted at the telly when whoever I didn't like got up to win an award for a film I didn't care for. This year was slightly different from most as I liked all the main contenders (to varying degrees). Before I complain about the awards bestowed upon Slumdog (there I said it!), I'll waffle briefly about the ceremony itself.

Ladies, don't touch him - he's been with Madonna!

Just to clarify (and for those who don't follow my every moment on FaceBook), I stayed up to watch the OSCARS. First up was the red carpet on E! which threw up a surprise in the form of blog~favourite Peter Gabriel. What was most surprising was that not only did Petey G get interviewed (shocking enough in itself) but Ryan "Casey Kasem~lite" Seacrest actually knew who he was. What times we live in! The UK had the never~popular Fearne "The Abomination" Cotton who managed less than 10 seconds before Mrs Stuff~On~TV bellowed profanities at her.

I remember when people liked Ben Stiller.

Worse was to come from SKY but I won't go into the truly awful panel that discussed the events with no informed opinion at all and actually made me quite angry. Anyway, to the real thing. Hugh "An Aussie Richard Madeley Apparently" Jackman kicked off the ceremony with an astounding set~piece featuring "recession Hollywood." I can't remember being so joyously roused by the awards than I was at this very simple yet insanely clever song and dance number from the well equipped wolfman.

The Jackster - wasted in movies?

His style throughout was impeccable and his timing was well observed - full marks and a gold star to the Jackster. I really hope he gets to do again as his charm and respect give a satisfying flair to the proceedings. The producers should also be commended on the presentation of the actual awards and, in particular, the acting nods. Getting five actors each to praise the individual nominees was lurvely and gave a sense of what being nominated (let alone winning) means. Much better than some whorey old clip we've probably seen too many times already.

[Tannoy] Charisma for Mr Craig

The presenters did a fine job (though Daniel Craig seemed to have left his personality elsewhere on the night) and letting them present a number of awards added to the warm tone of the evening. I will single out Steve Martin and Tina Fey for a witty and well~timed skit. Likewise, Jack Black and Jennifer "Oh look, there's Brangelina Right In Front Of Me, Better Not Eff This Up" Aniston made an endearing and guffaw~inducing pair. Speechwise, it was a thankfully tear~free ceremony though Michael O’Connor, who won best "Costume Design" for The Duchess (don't get me started!), made me want to cry at his sheer lack of skills in what I would call "being a human with life." I doubt that will make the highlights.

Blimey, it's the trouser~friendly Amy Adams.

So to the winners. I was heartened that Penelope "Remember When She Used To Pump Tom Cruise?" Cruz won for her role in Vicky Christina Barcelona though I would have been equally happy had Amy "Rhumba, Snort!" Adams won. Kate Winslet was a worthy winner for The Reader, which I thought was execellent and could have had a few wins, but Streep was just as worthy for Doubt - another film that should have been honoured more. I will say that the aforementioned Adams and Frances McDormand deserved nods for their parts in Miss Pettigrew Lives For A Day - an utterly sublime film that seemed to pass everyone by.

Nice flowers! Nice table~cloth!

Was Sean "Commie, Homo~lovin" Penn really the best man? Hhhmm, not sure. The male category was not nearly as strong as the females (for shame!) and, personally, I would have plumped for Mickey Rourke. If it was up to me (even though I think awards are incredibly reductive) I would have placed Heath Ledger in the main category as his Joker tore apart every other role; one of the few actors to truly lose themselves in their character this year. I would have liked to have seen Seymour "Phillip" Hoffman (nice one Arkin!) in the main category too, a spectacularly subtle performance in Doubt.

i sincerely hope that this 'look' is for a part.

I would also like to have seen Brendan Gleeson given a nom for In Bruges. Hell, and I can't believe I'm about to praise him, but even Colin Farrell was better than some of the nominees. And Bruges should have got the screenplay, not Milk. The latter, although good, was too formulaic and cheesey to be worthy of winning. Wall•E was a better script. Poor Wall•E. That's the film, for my money, that should have won all the 'big' awards. Truly awe~inspiring and brilliant in every way. But, as usual, the OSCARS don't agree with me. Bah!

He's French! He's Crazy! He's doing that gag again!

I won't go into every category but The Dark Knight should have received more and the achievements of Benjamin Button were worthy of more plaudits. Nice to see Man On Wire win and this highlighted the fact that it should have featured in the "Best Picture" category. As you may have guessed, I don't agree with the many awards that were lavished on Slumdog Millionaire. Yes, it was a good film but better than Frost/Nixon? Hardly. Better than The Reader or Doubt? No. Better than Wall•E? Definitely not.

Kung Fu Panda may get a sequel, but Wall•E gets my heart

So, what do the Yanks make of this year? Well, the ratings are up but what did they think of being beaten by the rest of the world 2-1? Heartening that the Academy is looking worldwide and odd that this year was so relatively mainstream. Certainly the predictability of the ceremony did not hinder the Jack~meister and his effervescent presentation. Oh yeah, he's not American either. What a world we live in.

Get ready for a special cuddle!

'Til the next time,

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posted by Cameron McEwan at 7:39 pm -
  • At 10:31 pm, Blogger Claire W. said…

    I stopped pretending that I was an informed viewer after I realized that I was only rooting for films with cute men in them.

  • At 8:36 am, Blogger Cameron McEwan said…

    haha, I only root for films with cute robots in them!

    thankfully, there were also lots of lurvely ladies in most of the films. yum yum.

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