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Thursday, February 05, 2009
"You Coulda Said Something Nice About My Profiteroles"
I got hurt feelings...

X~rated shadowing on the crotch, apparently.

Full marks, a "see me after class" and a great big cuddle to the latest episode of FLIGHT OF THE CONCHORDS. Number three of Season Two provided so many larfs, rendering my pants quite redundant. Where to start? I've been slightly cool on Jermaine and Bret in the past, whilst always amusing, I never found them bottom~huggingly high~larious. Until now.

"I’m not gonna wear a ladies’ wetsuit - I’m a man!"

Mainly thanks to the song I Got Hurt Feelings. This is the first time I have audibly cackled with delight at one of their songs, the first time I have really laughed hard at one of their tunes. Any song that rhymes "asshole" with "casserole" and then slam~dunks it with "profiteroles" is worthy of a mention here on Stuff~On~TV. Chuck in the couplet:
Were you ever called “homo” ‘cuz at school you took drama?
Have you ever been told that you look like a llama?;
and you've got yourself a good time.

"The day after my birthday is NOT my birthday mum!"

But there's more. We get a reprise of the song in the form of one of the best movie pastiches I've ever seen. During the second take of I Got Hurt Feelings we are presented with a Magnolia~esque montage, displaying the characters in all their woe (or hurt feelings). The song is even changed appropriately to evoke Aimee Mann. Utter genius. Elsewhere in the episode you'll find Alan "Name Three Shows He Hasn't Been In, Go On Try!" Dale popping up and some excellent Mel action.

Apparently Missy Elliot is not very good..

So, whilst I may not be a total convert, if the rest of the season keeps to this episode's high standards then I may well be. Alan Dale also turned up in LOST which provided some more juicy time~traveling action as well as some much needed Desmond and Daniel action. Thankfully much of the original "main" cast were not present, allowing for some top interaction between "interesting" people. And I wonder when that bomb will go off?

The Beard! The Mullet! The Comb~Over! Big~Balls Dan has it all.

THE OFFICE got a special place in the US schedules, playing after the Super Bowl on a Sunday as opposed to its normal Thursday night. They really went overboard (literally) on this hour special with the most gag~filled pre~titles ever. Yes, it was totally ridiculous and incredibly unbelievable but, scrim my nim~jim, it was effin' funny. Dwight's fire "safety" test was tops and the rest of the episode continued with the farcical, resulting in a cring~inducing "roast" of Michael Skarn, I mean Scott.

The 'Beard'! The Mullet! The Glaikit Stare! Big~Balls Bloom has it 'all'.

But, I am beginning to wonder if the show has its course. Still ball~stabbingly funny but the ideas are thinning out and Pam & Jim have too many serious moments for my liking. Having said that, I still lurve it and my favourite moment came when Andy referred to the aforementioned couple as "M'laday" and "M'tuna" - brill skills! Not so "brill", if I may use such an awful word, was the film HOW TO LOSE FRIENDS & ALIENATE PEOPLE. In fact, it was so bad that I stopped watching halfway through. I really enjoyed the book but this piece of "work" is not worth the energy to continues this sen-

Slurp it down bee~atch!

Also poor, in my catching up of last year, was GHOST TOWN. Not as bad as the Simon Pegg abortion, as I managed to make it to the end (though I was tooling about the house doing other work), but it's still a stinker. Gervais has a cheek complaining about British movies; Son Of Rambow had more larfs (not to mention charm) in its opening five minutes than the entirety of Ghost Town. Faring slightly better was GET SMART. But not much better. Maybe it's because I have a soft spot for Carrell, maybe it's because I have a not~so soft spot for Hathaway or maybe it was the cameo from Patrick "Putty" Warburton at the end which made me giggle like a tool. Who knows?

The long~awaited sequel to THE HOLIDAY takes an interesting twist...

In the 'good' film section, also from 2008 (though some got it in 2007), was PERSEPOLIS. Man, that's a film! I won't go into great detail but if you like film (or, dare I say, "movies") in any way then you should try and catch this film. My words cannot do it justice. My words, however, can do justice to the melodrama of REVOLUTIONARY ROAD. Although Sam "Lucky Bastid, Hitting That Every Night!" Mendes does a fine job, with a beautiful evocation of the era and setting, and the cast are terrific, for me it comes off as an cinematic Eastenders. What do I mean?

Why isn't he kissing her Globes?

It's just too "shouty" and emotional and I will refer viewers to LOOK BACK IN ANGER which is basically the same story and themes but done much better - mainly down ot the script. Another problem I have are Leo and Kate. Fine performances but the problem is that I know I am watching DiCaprio and Winslet - you can't disengage from their 'real' personas. Any time she got physical in a trouser~tightening way I kept wondering what her hubby would think - and that's not a good thing. I shouldn't be thinking about the artifice of the film, I should be lost within the diegesis, but I wasn't.

Guess who? Winehouse is back!

Top marks to Michael Shannon who has quite rightly received on OSCAR nod for his chilling yet extremely amusing role. Road is draining but for most of the time I just wanted to give them a slap - we've all got problems you know! Also at the cinema, but less problematic (well, if you discount actual factual events), is FROST/NIXON. Firstly, Michael "Doesn't Like Fictional Characters" Sheen is superb. So tit~tuttingly accurate in his portrayal that I was genuinely lost in his performance, suckered in like some country~fried rube who'd never seen a film before.

Lily Allen - never knowingly offending Christians

Likewise, Frank Langella got me in a big way. And that's real acting, fooling the audience. It matters not that they are playing 'real' people (though they're not - they're media based versions of actual human beings), Sheen and Langella have solidly disavowed themsleves in the roles. they inhabit so perfectly Howard does a fine job though he should have trimmed the story a bit and Sam "Better Than Mark Wing~Davey?" Rockwell, despite being immensely watchable, is always Sam Rockwell. The final scenes of the interview are done with great style and its predictability dissipates as you root for each 'punch' from Frost.

The Styler! The Beard! The Rock(well)! This pic has it all and less!

'Til the next time,

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    This comes from both me and my daughter who knows all the words to "Cheer up Murray" from the last series, even the bit about "ginger balls"

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